Maria and Istvan

Červen 30, 2022 - 8:41 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1050236 I spent one weekend in the end of June with Maria and Istvan on Vltava River. Istvan is member of the National Fly-fishing Team Hungary and he wanted to practice upstream dry fly fishing and nymphing before the World Championship in Spain. We spent first day in the Warm Vltava in the National park Šumava, fish were active whole day, so we caught a lot of them (brown trout, grayling, come cyprinid fish), mainly on nymph, dry dropper setup and also on dry fly. I also presented wet fly fishing and we caught many of bleak, nice small silver cyprinid fish which realy loves wet flies. In the evening it was opened local pub in the camp in Horní Vltavice and Pilsner beer was a worthy end to the day. We sat in to the car just before the start of a heavy storm :-)

p1050276 Second day we spent in Vltava River above Herbertov, water was a little dirty after rain, but conditions were ideal,  fish were surprisingly rising whole day and they stopped before evening. I did not counted amount of fish, but I guess we could catch 80 fish between us, mainly brown trout, but occasionally also rainbow trout and chub. It was really nice weekend and hopefully it was useful also for Istvan.

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