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After two years of Covid restrictions, we could organise our Hanák Open competition. The lake event was the first, we met in our base at Květoňov lake already on Wednesday 27.9. in the afternoon, we prepared the competition and also celebrated a bit the upcoming fiftieth birthday of me and several other friends. In the morning, everything went smoothly and we could go fishing. In the first round in sector B, I caught the first fish on the hang after the very first cast, I caught 5 trout in total, but Milda caught his last fish with the very last cast, he had the same number of fish and his biggest fish was one centimetre longer than mine. This was already a sign that it would not be the happiest of days. I won the second round with six fish and I was leading after two rounds. In the third round I was on the boat, I was happy for one fish same like other 4 competitors, but unfortunately it was the smallest one, so the placement was six. In the last round I caught one fish again, which was again the smallest and I was fourth, overall I finished fourth with a total placements of 13, it’s always by one fish or by one centimetre :-)
Overall, although the weather was quite suitable, the fish didn’t take too much, especially from the boats, which are always good, this was surpising.

img-20221002-wa0003 River competition started on Friday by draw and by unofficial welcome party, it was great to see all the old good friends. Our team was not that good on the river, even though we were pretty confident after last year’s fourth place. Even though we didn’t have a bad draw and were fishing well, it’s simply not enough in such competition and we were tenth. We were lucky with the weather, the wind only caused a “rain of acorns”, but the real downpour started right after the race ended. A total of 4851 fish were caught, there will be time for a deeper analysis during the long winter evenings :-)

Results and catch statistic you can find it the Hanák Open page

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