December on Vltava 24

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pf-2023-mh-en The weather in December was very interesting. Beginning was quite warm and we went fishing regularly, but next it started to cool down. I welcomed two keen fly-fishermen Tobias and Jörg from Dresden who wanted to learn a bit about our style of nymphing. Fishing was not bad despite the rather difficult conditions, higher discharge and temperatures just above zero, I was lucky during demonstration of nymphing technique and caught first fish on the second cast :-) Majority of fish we caught of my favourite nymph – orange blob tied on jig hook with 4mm TG.  Jörg caught except trouts also roach, barbel and perch on his own nymphs. Tobias caught on a small black nymph the biggest fish of the trip, he had no net, so after 10 minutes of dancing around of a big stone I got the fish to my net (everybody can imagine how risky is to net the biggest fish of a client …), but the rainbow attacking 3 kg didn’t want to be photographed and escaped before I pressed the shutter of the camera. We also visited local pubs, and as the Christmas gift they received from me the German version of the Karel´s book about Czech nymphing. Simply nice weekend.

Then it got colder to -25°C, so everything froze and we even skated with my daughter Anna on Lipno Lake.

But the cold period was only short and it warmed up again, during the Christmas holidays was really warm weather, I even found some dandelions blooming, I also went fishing several times and on the New Year’s it was up to 18°C, which was a temperature record. But the New Year didn’t go well for me …


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