CNM 2007

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It was the first Masterclass taking part in Rožmberk. We had 23 participants and they could be divided to three groups:  “Benelux” team, “UK” team and team “Australia” traveling to the World Fly-fishing Championship in Norway. Guys from Australia had never seen grayling before, so they wanted to see that fish species and learn how to catch it and also to learn tactics for nymphing in large rivers. I remember, that we came to the Vltava river close to Dobra (Vltava 33) and they found a good grayling from the bank and one guy caught it by the really first cast.

I found during this course a good friend Robbie Bell from England. I visited Robbie the following summer during my family trip to Scotland and he also helped the Czech team as a guide during World Fly-fishing Championship held in Scotland. We spent a nice day together at Vltava 33, we caught few nice graylings and I remember that I explained to him, that grayling usually stays in the middle of the river comparing to brown trout, which prefers places close to banks, trees and stones. Except the situation, when there is a shallow part in the middle of the river and deep pool is close to the bank, like in that place in front of us. Since Robbie is a competitor and doesn´t like chattering, he said, “Really? OK Milan, lets show me the graylings”. I casted nymphs just behind a big stone close to the bank and the fish was there, lucky day…

I also met for the first time keen Belgian fishermen Mark Soncks and Paul Sinaert, who have not missed any next Masterclass.

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