Inspection before FIPS MOUCHE Fly-fishing World Championships 2024-2025

Srpen 28, 2023 - 9:48 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

ms-muskareni-2024_25-banner We will host four subsequent World fly fishing championships in the coming years and Mario Podmanik, President of the FIPS MOUCHE, came for an inspection last week. We visited competition sectors and hotels, talked about programme, rules modifications, budget, and other things connected with the organisation of this events, but we also drank few beers, talked about fishing and life and fished the competition sectors. We expect that all fish species will by eligible and minimal size limit will be 20 cm.

We started in the Malše River under Kaplice, which will host one 3,5 km long sector of the Ladies comp and maybe also Youth comp. I had already visited lower part with Finnish ladies and middle part with Czech and English ladies, so we went to the upper part of the planned competition sector. This smaller river hosts good mixed stock composed mainly by coarse fish, we caught chub, dace, bleak, roach, and perch, but brown trout created about 25 % of catches. p1070369 We expect that dominant fishing technique will be dry fly combined with nymphing and dry-dropper technique, maybe also wet fly. We were fishing about three hours and caught about 40 fish between us, I hope that fishing during championship will be at least as good. Mario was fishing only dry fly, I combined nymphing and dry fly and at the end I caught few fish also on wet march brown.

We stayed in the Penzion Herbertov and in the morning I took Mario to my favourite place above Rožmberk. We again caught a lot of fish, I hooked three rainbows of about 50 cm, but I got only one, the other two smashed my 0,12 mm tippet. We also caught few brook trouts, many brownies, and in the pockets along the banks also few cyprinid fish like chub, dace and roach. Next we moved to Sport Hotel Zátoň, which will be one of the bases of the championships, and next we visited Restaurant Rybářská bašta for their famous fish soup and kind talk with Franta Kůrka, owner of the Restaurant and local fly fishing legend.

We finished in the upper part of the “Devil stones” under the dam of the Lipno lake, fishing was not so easy, but I managed to catch about 15 countable fish in 2 hours including nice brook trout (on the very first cast) and one bigger brown trout (in the same place). Mario caught about 10 fish, my local knowledge of this difficult water gave me a smaller advantage :-) . We started with nymphs, but finished with dries just before sunset to be at home safe and sound.

It was a pleasant start to the demanding work that will last more than two years, so hopefully everything will go according to our expectations and to the satisfaction of all participants.

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