Rožmberský cup 2023

Září 22, 2023 - 6:45 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

img-20230916-wa0019 In the middle of September we organised our traditional competition in Vltava River under Rožmberk. Czech A-team was competing in the World and therefore there was a chance to get a good result for the rest of competitors. I helped with preparation of draw and database as usually and I also tied some flies. I prepared three rods: one standard nymphing, one dry-dropper and one with dry fly.

I started in beat B11, place looked well, I started from the upper border and caught first fine fish under one big stone by the third cast. I was gradually fishing the most promising places, including the opposite bank, and about 15 minutes before the end I had 9 fish, so I decided to try the best pool with the dry-dropper rod. In 10 minutes I had no take, so I picked up the nymphing rod again and caught last fish just before the end. The 10 minutes with the different rod cost me probably a medal, if I had continued nymphing, I would probably have caught one more fish … Libor had also 10 fish and his biggest fish was 1 cm longer then mine, so I was third in the session. In the next round, I was keeping my nymphing rod whole the session and 9 fish brought me second place. In the last session, I was fishing one of the best places in Sector A, there was cascade of pools at the opposite bank. Tomáš, who was fishing before me, caught 11 fish on nymph, so decided to try dry fly to have better chance to catch fish in shallow parts under trees. But it was not good and I wasted 15 minutes, so I took the nymphing rod and finished with 7 fish and Libor had also 7 fish and his biggest fish was 2 cm longer then mine … In total, I was 7th, which is not bad, but one more fish or few centimetres could gave me bronze medal, it is always about one fish or one centimetre. And in this style of competition, when sessions take only 75 minutes, the most important thing is to make proper decisions.

We caught 1088 fish, there was caught few nice trout but the majority were  coarse fish like dace, chub and roach, which is not good for trout water.

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