CNM 2009

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We had a relatively small group consisting as usually of “Benelux” and “UK” fishermen completed by Kai Kalio from Finland and by Keefer Pitfield, a competitor and fishing guide from Canada.

One evening I was fishing with two Dutch guys Rob Pronk and Peter Way below Vyšší Brod. Flow was relatively high, so I decided to find a better place in a channel, which is shallow and good fishing is there only during higher flow. We caught few trouts on dry, but I decided to show my friends how to fish with wet flies. I made setup with one classical March Brown at the point and another one at the upper dropper and with one leaded March Brown in the middle. I casted across the current below the bush at the opposite bank and immediately after the flies fell to the water, a good brownie took the point fly. The second cast to the same place brought another good brownie and the third cast was rewarded by a nice rainbow of about 40 cm. I saw another big shadow following flies in the water. My friends did not wait a minute and decided to try it, I gave them all of my March Browns. Rob remained at the same place and me and Peter moved a little downstream. After 10 minutes Rob finished his setup and tried to cast, we were watching. After one second another big rainbow jumped from water and snapped Rob´s leader. After next ten minutes the same situation, one cast, three jumps and another good fish was free with my fly in mouth. I looked to my fly-box and saw empty line in wet-flies section and said to Peter: “I thing, I will have to tie this evening … “

We also spent nice days at the Vltava 33 P and at the Malše river. We caught there a few nice chubs and also really nice graylings. And I also remember nice evenings, mainly stories from Kai´s private life are unforgettable and unpublishable ones. John Woods from England wrote a nice article about Masterclass to the journal of his fishing club and after I find it, I will attach it to this article. And Kai also wrote an article to a Finish angling magazine.

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