CNM 2011

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As we organised the European Fly Fishing Championship in Rožmberk in June, we decided to make Masterclass in September. I have to say, that it was a good idea, fishing was a little different but great. Group again consisted of a “Benelux” team and a “German” one completed by Kai, Jänö and a few guys from UK, Canada and the USA. We also invited new members of our organisational team, Martin Musil, Jiří Pejchar and Luboš Roza and it was very appreciated by all participants, as they all belong to the top fly-fishermen in the Czech Republic. We were fishing again mainly the Vltava 27 and 28, but we also visited the Malše and the Černá rivers, the Vltava 29P and the Vltava 33P. Nymphing in the Vltava 28 was not easy, we had to fish with tipped of diameter 0,12 mm. At Vltava 33P, fish were rising in waves through whole day and we enjoyed both fishing with very small nymphs and fine equipment and also with dries. The rod size 2 was the best choice for this day. Beautiful fishing was also in the Vltava 29P, as brown trout and also brook trout had nice colours as they were already preparing for spawning. We also made one trip to a trophy fishery the Vltava 24 with the ”German” group. Morning was hard as water was low and clear and sky was bright, but finally all fishermen caught a big rainbow and some of them caught more than ten big fish. One guy was snapped at least five times :-) . I developed nymphing method “Cast and step” as all beginners made the same mistake, they spent a lot of time on the same place. During nymphing, mainly in the big river, it is necessary to explore as much water as possible to find active fish, so it is good to make one step after every second cast. At one pool I was sitting at the bank as a conductor and organised fishing of my small group and finally everybody found a fish there.

Six participants attended a fly-fishing competition called Rožmberský Cup and compared skills with the top Czech anglers. Advantage of this competition is, that every competitor fishes three times one hour and after every session made judge in the same beat, where he had been already fishing, so everybody can see, how and where the other competitors fish and how they make mistakes.

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