Early morning fishing at Vltava 24

Červen 1, 2012 - 1:54 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

4 Tobi picked me up on Friday morning at 5:30, after coffee at petrol station we headed to Boršov and at six we were in the water. Water was low but muddy after rains and we awaited relatively hard fishing. In my favourite pool I got first rainbow on the really first cast on upper dropper, so fish were active. In the mouth of next big pool we got altogether 6 rainbows and lost a few, ad some coarse fish and perch and I finished with nice nase, which took nymph pooled slowly after end of the drift. We moved to another place and both caught two fish in ten minutes and took the last one for table and finished fishing, at 8 I was in my office. The best was black nymph with silver head and red-holo or green-holo tag. Nice two hours of morning fishing.

Tobi told me about new sushi restaurant during the journey back and I remembered and old Norwegian recipe how to prepare fresh fish with crystal sugar, see salt and dill and the result is on the last picture :-)

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