Vltava 24 with David and Tobi

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6 I had withdrawal syndromes after two weeks of rains and muddy water in rivers, but David stopped by me for coffee and small talk on Monday after lunch and we firmed up afternoon fishing in trophy part Vltava 24, which was in our opinion already fishable. I was at river at about 5 p.m., it was nice sunny afternoon and water was relatively lower, transparency was about 75 cm, so conditions were good. While waiting for David, I was basking a little, slowly made cast from three relatively big nymphs size 10 and HC fluorocarbon 0,16mm, and I also made pictures of swallowtail, which is very rare butterfly. David was there after 15 minutes and we started under railway bridge and mowed downstream. My cast worked well since beginning till the very end and it was not necessary to change anything. As water was still not clear, it was essential local knowledge and to find fish and cast flies just in front of their noses. Fish were in deeper holes with slowly flowing water and in the ends of pools. I caught altogether 7 rainbows and one brown and few coarse fish, all rainbows were fighting very hard as there were in good conditions with full fins. The 4 weeks of rest caused by high water and unfishable conditions did good them.

I left rod set up by flies in the car and called Tobi to arrange morning fishing. We met at 5:30 in the upper part of the fishery, it was cold and windy and it was clear, that some rain is coming. My team of flies from yesterday did not worked well,  I could not catch a fish, I had a lot of snags and moreover  Tobi caught few rainbows after me.  I decided, that my flies were to heavy and I replaced them by the same patterns, but with smaller tungstens. This stretch is a little wider and part of water is taken out by powerplant, so the flow is not so strong. And it started working, I got 5 rainbows in 45 minutes and when the rain came, I went to work. All fish were in the edge between back water and main current and it was necessary to play with nymphs and to touch bottom with them, takes were aggressive and all fish jumped like salmons.

In nymphing, the must important thing is the balance between conditions and weight and size of flies!!!

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