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Rožmberský cup 2013

Říjen 13, 2013 - 10:44 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1080347 Somebody could maybe say, that I´m immodest talking about disappointment keeping bronze medal and nice cup in hands, but it was. We practised whole week and I had effective flies and tactic. Two rods for nymphing: one with two nymphs and tippet 0,10, second with three nymhps size 14 and tippet 0,12 (for case that I would have pool with rainbows) and of course the dry fly.

I invented system of this competition few years ago. Competition consist from 6 rounds of 1 hour and 15 minutes, everybody fish three times and also make controller for three times. There are two sectors, after three rounds, there is rotation between sectors. So everybody fish twice in one sector and once in the second sector. Everybody always make controller in the beat where he has been just fishing, so it is always interesting to see where you have left fish. We only count fish, but after every caught fish competitor have to go to controller and undersign the fish. Everybody can measure as much fish as he wont because if two competitors catch the same number of fish, the better is with bigger fish.

I started controlling in beat A4 Tereza Rutová, she was fishing well, she (it is not mistake, Tereza is girl (placed 17 in EuCH 2011) and you will hear about here again later :-) ) caught 21 fish and majority at opposite bank. Next I had to go to fish in A2, I had some problems, so I reached my beat 1 minute before the start. I knew this place, it was created by deep strong current and short mouth upstream. I decided to go bottom up and I get first trout from bank by very first cast. It looked hopefully, but next it was nothing special and I was wasting my time. I reached upper part with 6 fish and in last 15 minutes I got 9 fish more … (I was 7th in the sector and I was thinking, that competition is over for me). Pavel Chyba came after me, I told him, that all fish were in the upper part and he caught there 23 fish, all of them I mourned :-) Next I moved to sector B, I started in B5. I was fishing this beat last year, it is very long and downstream is nice pool. I was there in time and I noticed few rising in the upper, more steep and deep part, so I decided to start there. I got some fish on dry including 27 cm long grayling and next I went to nymphs and explored every suitable hole on the edge between weed beds and main current and I got 22 fish including 33 cm long brown. Next I was controlling Glen, I showed him place when I finished and give him my nymphs and advices and he caught 5. Next I moved to B11, it was difficult beat, but it was advantage in the end of competition as nobody before me had been able to overfish it. I found an edge in the depth and I caught there 12 fish. I did not follow results in the afternoon, so I was very surprised, that I won both afternoon rounds and finally gained bronze. Míra Čutka and me had the same total placings 9, we both caught 49 fish and I my biggest fish had 33 cm and his trout had 34 cm :-) One more fish in any round would brought me silver (I lost say 5 fish) and two more fish (four more minutes) in first round would brought me gold. But it is sport and only the best can win. And this year was the gold medal gained by Tereza, she was fishing well all three rounds and it was pleasure to congratulate her. Her boyfriend David get bronze in European Championship the same day ….