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January is not bad, we will see what February will bring

Únor 2, 2020 - 4:47 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

v24-2 Some people say that we have no winter, but I like this weather. Of course, we have lack of snow, but winter and spring have still a lot of time to fill our groundwater supplies by a snow or rain. In mountains, there is colder, and in lowlands there are temperatures during days above zero which is good for fishing :-) It is true, that 14 degrees during the last few days was pretty much for the coldest month in the year, and strong warm south-west wind almost lured to windsurfing, but we will see.

The spring weather was irresistible and as I finished two annual reports from my big projects, nothing prevented me to go fishing to Vltava 24. Water was a little higher, but relatively clear despite the night rain and I caught nice rainbow and brook trout in five minutes. Tobi visited me on the way home and as I just caught another nice rainbow, he jumped to car and hurried home for gear. He returned 30 minutes later and I already had six fish and caught another three before he started fishing.  I gave him successful flies and let him go first as I was already satisfied. Finally, we caught 19 fish between us, including the nase on the blob. Majority of trout took nymph, my favourite blob got only two trouts and the nase. Surprisingly, several fish had fresh injuries on their tail, I can not imagine what could case it, maybe otter or mink, cormorants or herons usually stab the back of fish and pike leave the tooth marks creating an arch.

Not only fishing is our life, I´m adding few pictures from ice skating on the Lipno Lake :-)