Vltava 28 and 29 with three German friends

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Thomas with nice brownie I have also visited few times Vltava 28 in Vyšší Brod, brown trout population was not affected by the flood and there is a lot of fish, I caught also rainbow trout and brook trout and also grayling stocked in May. Evening fishing is never easy in July. I used maybe 15 patterns of dry flies and I caught a fish on all of them, but I did not catch more.

I was asked by Bruno to guide three of his German friends, Thomas, Stephan and Reinhard. We met at 7:00 at the petrol station in Vyšší Brod and moved a little downstream to Herbertov, we were in water at 7:30 and we met immediately few canoes. I asked the guys in boats why they woke up so early and they told me, that they were going directly from bar … Water was nice, flow of 10 m3/s was ideal. Reinhard was beginner, I paid attention to him at first and I made our nymhing setup for him. Thomas and Stephan decided to fish their “German” style with tapered leader and one huge fly in the end. Peter unfortunately broke his rod by very first cast, but I had reserve rod in the car. Fish were active and I presented technique to Reinhard, he practised the fishing quickly and he caught few nice trouts, also Thomas and Stephan had a fish and they started to be interested in the nymphing. Next I joined Stephan and I lent him my rod to try the nymphing technique and as he is experienced fisherman, he mastered it quickly and also caught few trouts. We realised, that flow in river was suddenly increasing and we had to go out, the guy operating the dam upstream probably dropped off  and his head fell to the button … you can see the flow in Vyšší Brod on the picture below … It came so quick that I had no picture from Vltava 28.
We moved to Vltava 29, I made nymphing set-up for all guys and I was fishing with Thomas, we were going about 1 km downstream from the parking place and next we moved together upstream and searched all pockets.  As the sun was high, fishing was not easy and it was necessary to cast to the shadows, under threes and as close to stones as possible, but we caught a lot of fish, we also tried “New Zealand style” with nymph on the point and big dry on the dropper. We finished in a big pool, but we can not catch a fish. But we found out what happened quickly, at first I found otter excrements at bank and next I hooked dace in the mouth of the pool and one kilo pike took it and did not want to give it to me. We finished the nice hot morning in Lesanka pub in Vyšši Brod with “vepřo-knedlo-zelo-kapučíno” (in German: Schweinebraten mit Knödeln und Sauerkraut und Cappuccino, in English: baken pork with dumplings and sauerkraut and cappuccino). Tschüss!

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