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lipno I was asked by my friends Bruno and Christoph to help with organisation of international spinning competition taking place in Lipno lake last weekend. It was two days competition of teams composed by two fisherman in one boat, only artificial baits were allowed, all caught fish are photographed on gauge and released and there were evaluated biggest perch, pike and zander in every day for every team, so in optimal situation the team had 6 eligible fish. Total sum of lengths of this fish was counted.
It was hard  fishing, fish did not take to much and it was sunny and windy, it was caught 216 fish in total: 91 perch, 91 zander and 34 pike. The biggest eligible fish was pike of 76 cm, it was also caught catfish off length about 130 cm and few asp.
I was thinking, that fly fishermen are crazy, but this guys have the same blood :-) Full cars of equipment, whole day in boat, in the pub almost till morning. Maybe I will attend as competitor in the future. More info and results you can find here or on Facebook. Congratulation to Christoph and Bruno for great idea and great organisation.

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