System of fly-fishing competitions in the Czech republic

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Many people have asked me about system of competition in Czech and how we select our teams.

We have about 300 000 anglers organised in Czech Angling Union, and about 20 000 of them buy permits for trout waters. We have about 500 active fly-fishing competitors and about 50 competitions. We have regular competitions (1st league, 2nd league and regional divisions) and open cups.
Results from all fly fishing competitions (fished by FIPS-MOUCHE rules) are counted to the annual ranking every year. From every competition you can get number of points according its quality, number of points decreased with your placing (usually -1 point by one place). For example:

victory in sector in 1.league = 30 points
victory in sector in 2.league = 24 points
victory in Czech lake or river championships = 40 points
victory in WFCH = 60 points
victory in EUCH = 50 points
victory in any open cup with at least 40 competitors = 30 points

- only 2 abroad competitions can be included

The 7 best results are counted to the annual ranking. Best 14 competitors from the ranking competes next year in elimination (it consists from 5 rounds similarly like WCH) and results from elimination (1-14) are counted with results from next year ranking (1-14) and first 5 go to World and second 5 go to European championships. For example, for WFCH 2014 there are counted results from ranking 2013 and elimination 2013 (to attend this elimination you had to be in top 14 in 2012). This system requires top results in last two seasons.

Ranking and results of individual competitions are accessible on-line at special website<

Youths have similar system, only best 5 results from 8 youth competitions are counted to the youth ranking .


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