Květoňov lake with David

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p1090201 We  decided to empty Květoňov lake and remove all undesirable fish species (mainly pike and carp), the lake has never been drained since its filling. We started to decrease the water level two weeks ago in it goes down by 20 cm every day. The aim of this action is also to check all devices in the dam of the lake to guarantee safety. Problem is, that in the lake lives very strong population of rare and protected original riverine crayfish, the dam of the lake protect them against invasive american crayfish and crayfish plague. So we cooperate with specialists from University of South Bohemia to rescue and protect as many as possible crayfish, it has been already caught more the 1300 individuals.

Fishing is still allowed and I met there David last weekend and we tried fishing from his boat. It was partly sunny and partly cloudy and windy and fish were rising. We tried also lures and boobies, but without any take, the best method was dry fly or dry fly pulled under surface. My best fly were CDC Shipman´s buzzer size 16 and CDC sedge size 16 with peacock body and tag from pearl rib, David was fishing with a little bigger pattern with black body and also bright tag.  We had say 20 takes, but we utilised only half of them, the biggest fish weighted about 1 kg.  In another boat were our friends Kneifl´s brothers, they were also fishing dries and they got fish up 2 kilos. From next Monday will be fishing prohibited and next weekend will be the lake empty, hope we will catch the monster fish which pulled a guy for 5 hours across the lake and next snapped his leader 3 years ago.

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