Warm Vltava with Kevin and Grant

Říjen 21, 2014 - 9:19 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1150208 My friends came again for two weeks of holiday. I had unfortunately no time to join them during the first week of their stay as I organised big seminar aimed on fish migration and fish passes in Prague, but during second week we were fishing together Warm Vltava close to Soumarsky bridge. I came to hotel in Volary at ten o’clock, we were waiting at coffee till the end of rain and next we moved to river. Morning was difficult as fish did not take nymphs, but we caught something, I shoved to Grant different nymphing techniques, how to cast to bank for coarse fish or brownie and also combination of nymph and dry fly on French leader. For lunch we had as usually great crisp sandwiches (my friends always start day by visiting of supermarket :-) , and at about 2pm fish started to rise and we caught nice graylings on dry. I made in the morning for my friends few light gray CDC olives size 18 and they were excellent, but some fish were choosy and I had to try different patterns, olive fly size 20 was the best for these fish. I showed to my friends also “magic rubber” :-)  Great day, thanks, good luck in Grayling festival and see you next year.

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