Hanák Open 2014

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Hanák Open 2014 started in Květoňov lake. After victory in the May cup 2014 in the same lake I was full of ambitions. Jiři and Jitka helped me with organization so I could concentrate on fishing. We had 66 competitors, I divided them to 6 groups by 11 competitors and competition was composed by 6 rounds, so everybody fished all fours sectors and had two times break. In every round was rotation by 6 pegs in the middle of time which is more fair.
hanak_open-2014 In the first round in the Sector D I got 3 fish on the fast glass line and yellow lure, which gave me third place, sector was won by Ben landing 8 fish. In the second round I moved to sector C under road, I started in peg C1. On first 10 casts I had 10 aggressive takes and no fish on hook …. next I lost 5-ponds fish at the net …. but finally I landed 4 fish and gained 2nd place in the sector. Next I had one round brake. After pause I went with great schnitzel in stomach to the Sector A and started with the same tactic and I had no contact for 20 minutes, so I decided to change rod and when I was reeling the line, a good fish hooked them self. After rotation we saw school of fish under surface in casting distance, my both neighbours David Chlumský and Radek Svašek got few fish on hover line, so I took slow glass and got two fish and lost two another on rolly-polly , this time on orange lure, 5th place was not bad as there was a lot of blanks in the afternoon. Before the last round, it was clear, that if I caught a fish it could be good. After 5 minutes I saw rising fish just in front of me. I immediately took rod with dry fly and after 5 minutes an older fish took claret hopper and brought me 3rd place in the Sector B and also in the whole competition :-) . Winner was my friend from Team Hanák David Říha, orange blob specialists, and second place was gained by David Chlumský, member of the Czech A team.

River competition hosted as usually 40 teams, this year we invited also teams from Belgium, England, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia and Slovenia which tried to face top Czech anglers. In the first round I was judging team from Slovakia, I had also time to make pictures of our beautiful nature, however, the strange mushroom originates from Australia and its spores were introduced to Europe by boat or plain 50 years ago. Our team was not lucky on draw and otherwise we did our best we finished in the 21st place which was behind our expectations. In this high concurrence and under conditions, when is possible to catch more than 50 fish in a round, the draw plays important role. For next year, which will be 10 years anniversary, I plan to evaluate results from all previous years and modify marking of beats and also rotation matrix. The competition was won by teams composed by best Czech competitors, surprisingly :-)


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