South Bohemia Championship 2015 in Devil Stones

Červen 23, 2015 - 9:23 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1200102 Last Saturday we organised our regional championship in Vltava 29 – Devil stones. After our workshop, I had some good flies and tactic, so I prepared one nymphing rod with 0,12 tippet and flies size 14 for brown trout and deep pools, second nymphing rod with 0,10 tippet and flies size 16 for riffles and also for dace and one rod with floating line and nymp/dry set-up.  Weather was like in Scotland, 6 times a day rain and six times sunny. 20 attendants were divided to the two groups and every body was fishing and judging 3 rounds of 75 minutes. Fish were only counted, only in case that two competitors had the same number of fish caught better was with bigger fish, therefore we measured always first fish and every bigger. I did not underestimate preparation, I had new felt soles and also paint-ball knee and shin protectors.

p1200097 I was in group A, so I was fishing first round. Brown trout was surprisingly not active, so very important was also to catch dace and other coarse fish. I was third in first session after Pepa Hanák with same number of 22 fish, but Pepa had bigger trout. I should maybe sooner concentrate on dace, but I´m afraid, that it would be not enough to beat Martin Musil with 34 fish gaining first place in the session. In second session, I was fishing in relatively steep section with big boulders and deep pools, movement was difficult and 15 fish was enough only for 5th place. In the last session, I came to relatively wide beat, just before start of my section appeared sun and I saw few rising fish at opposite bank so I took dry-fly and I get 20 fish which brought me victory of the session. Finally, I had total placings 9 following 3 people with 8 and I gained “potato medal” which is not bad in the great concurrence in our region. It was caught almost 1000 fish, what a nice day in great place and with good friends.

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