Jihlava Cup, June 6th 2015

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p1190670 After long and hot summer becomes fly fishing autumn. Lets start with some memories.

I had some work in Moravia in June , so I decided to fish Jihlava cup. Jihlava river flows from a big reservoir trough a beautiful green deep valley and hosts rich population of brown trout and many other fish. I came two days in advance to a little practice a to tie some flies, provisional tying table is at picture. I also visited ruin of medieval castle built on the rock above the camp which was the centre of the competition. On Friday evening took part a nice grill party sponsored by Alda Divácký, president of the Fly-fishing club Aquarest Říčany and owner of a big butchery :-) . The competition was as usually very prestigious, it hosted 76 competitors including the people from the top 20 of the Czech fly-fishing competition ranking and foreign hosts from Slovakia and Slovenia. I was fishing not wrong, I got in four rounds 60 fish, but I lost some important fish and was no too lucky on the draw, my effort was enough only for the 29th place. A little disappointment, but in this strong concurrence and this system when every minute plays role only the absolutely top  performance could bring success. Next year I will bring my family to enjoy this nice countryside.

The most important thing was,that after few beers, steaks and shots of Slivovice we made important contract and Alda will be also sponsor of Hanák Open.

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