Team Finland Ladies

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p1320532 I was asked by Maria to help ladies team Finland during practice before EUCH. Maria, Kanerva, Aino and Petri arrived in night and I was waiting for them in České Budějovice and next we headed to Herbertov. We arrived just before midnight, and after we took our things to rooms I opened some Pilsner beer and Slivovice from my Slovak friends and we started “Welcome party” which transformed at midnight to my “Birthday party” and I got nice hand-knit socks in Finnish colours :-) .

Next morning we started fishing at Herbertov, I presented my own setup of nymphing leader and nymphs and also nymphing technique, luckily I caught few browns and brook trouts, thanks my friends :-) . Girls and Petry also caught many fish, foggy morning changed to nice sunny day, fish were also occasionally rising, so it was beautiful morning. For lunch I prepared “Czech traditional burgers” from meat loaf and Pilsner beer and after lunch we mover upstream, when I also presented dry-dropper system, and luckily again caught a trout during demonstration :-) Tiina arrived after lunch by train and she was so exited to be there, that she jumped to river and she was swimming for few metres :-) I have to say that she was not whimpering and she was fishing till evening (next day she came in swimming suit under waders :-) ). In the evening we went for dinner to Český Krumlov to Gipsy pub and we also make short sigh seeing walk.

Next morning we visited Květoňov lake, and Tiina and Aino for the fist time tried fishing from boat. There were some fresh stocked rainbows, so we caught about 30 fish, mainly under surface on roly-poly, the biggest fish get Aino. In the afternoon we returned to river and I took them further downstream, to the place when I had peg with my team during Hanák Open. It was interesting, that in one pool we caught in the second round of competition 10 rainbows (in the first round was caught 16 and in the last one 6),  and with finish ladies we caught in the same place 11. I have to thank you girls and Petry for nice two days and see you next year.

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