It still does not bore me :-)

Březen 25, 2018 - 10:16 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1330813 I had another great day in Vltava 24, this time with Michal Rypl, who was novice at the fishery. So I took him to the all interesting places, showed him all the secret flies :-) and also how to fish in this water. It’s not as easy as you would expect, fish change their position, last week they were only in the deeper and the slowest parts, this time they moved a little a stayed in the end of riffles in mouths of pools and along sides of the main current, still relatively deep. Nymphing is still the most effective fishing, streamer is too quick, I was fishing with nymphs behind another colleague who was using a D5 line and streamers, he was without a take and I caught 7 fish after him. Not only blob-jig worked, also PTN with an orange or pink neck, in the sunny periods with a gold bead, in the cloudy periods with a silver one. Size 12 was the best, leader 0,18 mm HC. Michal is a good pupil and he took my advice quickly as you can see in the gallery.
I had a nice story, I tried two colours of the blob-jig, one in the point and the other in the dropper, I hooked a rainbow of about 2 kg on the point fly, the fish was jumping a little and took about 15m of line, but next it calmed down and I pulled it to me. I could not lift it from bottom in the strong current, so I moved a little downstream to be under the fish and I was preparing the net, and suddenly two rainbows jumped from the water, both of them had a blob-jig in the mouth and I was clear. For this case, 0,18 mm is not enough :-)

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