Czech Fly Fishing Championships

Květen 20, 2022 - 7:59 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

mcr-lake After one year brake, there were organised both Czech lake and river fly-fishing championships. The lake champ was held on a new trout water in a sand pit in the middle of the Czech rep., the only memorable things were, the it was well organised (organiser martin Ruzha used also boat session from anchored boats) and whole podium was occupied by competitors representing South Bohemia: the winner was Miloslav Hosenseidl, the second was František Kouba (both weaned by Květoňov lake) and third place was taken by Roman Heimlich. The last member of our team, Martin Vlk, who was twelfth, also placed excellently.
p1040982 We organised the River championship on Vltava River at Herbertov and it was also very successful as Team South Bohemia in the same composition again gained gold medal. All girls who will represent Czech Rep. in the first World Ladies Championship to be held in Norway in Summer also attended the Czech champ. and we hope that it was great preparation for them.

We used pegs from Hanák Open, but every competitor had two pegs (about 400 m) to fish, and we also included rotation to make Champ fair as much as possible. It was caught 1593 fish. We will keep our fingers crossed for our teams in all the championship which will be held this year, we plan to attend all of the, World, Euro, World Ladies, World Masters and World Youth.

And we have also good news, the Vltava river will host World Ladies, World Masters and World Youth in 2024 and World in 2025.



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