First evening rise at Vltava 28, March Brown played star part :-)

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3 I had some thinks to arrange in Rožmberk before CNFW so I connected it with exploration of evening activity of fish. I was at water at six, water was low and clear and it was drizzling but the sky was getting clearer. I tried dry fly and caught few small rising brownies in pool close parking place in Herbertov, but it was nothing special, so I tried nymhs. In this stretch, river is divided to the two streams as people built stony wall in past time to concentrate water for wood transport and the wall was renaturised by vegetation and creates just know a bushy island. Right smaller and more shallow stream is full of boulders and brown trouts, but in the lower flow is difficult to catch them. It was necessary to slink upstream and present nymphs absolutely naturally in all deep holes and around stones. I got about 10 trouts in smaller stream and about 10 in main river bed. When fish started to rise, I moved upstream to wider part of the river between islands.

There were about 30 fish rising but they absolutely ignored my sedges. So I decided to try wet flies. I choose three different patterns of March Brown from my box and put them between lips and started making leader. I put first on the upper dropper, second to the middle dropper, and I made small tangle in the rest of leader, so I had to untangle it and I played with the last fly between my lips and… I swallowed it. I tried to spit it out, but it was already on the way to ma stomach. Nothing could be done, nothing was paint-full, so I drunk a little water and took another fly from the box and went to fish. Wet flies did not worked and fish were rising more and more, so I returned back to dry fly, I used leader 0,10 mm and sparse light sedges size 16 with orange tag and it was the key, I got all rising fish in my area. They were probably rising for some small sedges or olives.

But the fly in my stomach drilled my head. I went for the dinner with some Belgian friends, so I ordered big boar steak and chips and went home. After I came to work next day I called to my doctor. He told me, that this small things usually go through without problem, but it is necessary  to eat 1 kilo of sauerkraut to encase it and next to check my excrements. I have small kids and I have their “shit-age” just behind me, but exploration of my shit was a little stronger coffee for me.  More over, I had been already in toilet in the morning after breakfast. So the doctor recommended me to go to hospital to the X-rays. So I ate pork, dumplings and double sauerkraut for lunch, visited again toilet and after work I went to hospital. In the waiting room, there was about ten people with different injuries and sorrowful faces which lighted up immediately after I told my story to nurse. But the end of the story was happy as the fly was already not in my intestines. However, I a little regret the X-ray picture with the hook in my stomach, I should go to hospital sooner, it would be hit in Facebook :-)

(thy fly was either taken away by the steak or Jindřich Knapek make hooks not from steel :-)


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