Vltava in Rožmberk and Devil streams with Andy Kapral

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1 I got an interesting e-mail from Andy Kapral from South Africa in May, the subject of the e-mail was “I dream to fish in Czech rivers”. Andy has Czech origin, his parents escaped from our country from communist in 1969 and they met in Vienna and after  few years in Austria they got visa to South Africa. Andy was born already in Vienna, so in fact he is Austrian :-) . After the Velvet Revolution in Czech republic in 1989, Andy has visited our country for several times, but this year he also planned to fish our rivers. He is keen fly fisherman and he fish mainly for yellow fish in SA. We communicated by e-mail in English, but he speaks good Czech.  He was with his wife on the round trip across the Europe and he had only two days for fishing as he visited Český Krumlov in the first week of July. I was on family holiday at Lipno lake, so we arranged one morning session.
I picked Andy up at the hotel at 5:30 as it was expected very hot day and more over the Vltava river is  full of canoes in summer. We headed to Rožmberk as other smaller rivers were high after night storm. After our workshop, there were still stocked rainbows in the C&R stretch, and we had more time for fishing, as canoeist usually start in Vyšši Brod and journey to Rožmberk takes 2-3 hours. I brought also my reserve waders for Andy, as he had no enough place for it in his luggage.
We  started under the weir in Rožmberk at about six. I recognised that Andy is experienced fishermen, he caught first rainbow immediately after short explanation and demonstration of the nymphing technique. But he remained in one place too long. I explained him, that while nymphing in this bigger rivet,  it is necessary to cover as much water as possible to find active fishes. He replied, that in SA, yellow fish is very shy, so after you came to water, you have to stay 15 minutes without any movement to wait for fish and next you can catch something.
We “cleaned out” the space under the weir and moved slowly downstream. At about 10 o’clock the river was unfishable due to canoes, so we a little observed pretty Czech girls in swimsuits and finished first half of fishing. It was nice start of the day, we caught about 40 fish of 9 species altogether between us, I caught brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, perch, roach, dace, grayling, chub, bleak and my really first fish was gudgeon :-)

Next we moved to Vltava 29, I would like to show Andy one of my favourite river and enable him to catch some native brown trout. As it was sunny and hot, I choose steeper stretch covered by trees, which is a little difficult for fishing, but I expected, that fish could be there a little less shy.
(Andy caught squirrel by the second cast :-)   and he was going to snap the leader, but I told him, that he could not leave my secret patterns at river, so he climbed the pine a got the flies back :-) ).
We started in a bigger pool,  I sent Andy to the mouth under rifles and I crossed the river in the end of the pool. In this river, if I go there with a friend, I always prefer to go along  both banks slowly upstream, we both can fish our half of river and we can compare results and talk about fishing. Andy got nice brown immediately after the squirrel and his face shoved, that he is amassed by this peace of pure nature. We started with team of two jig nymphs, next I tried also wet flies and big dries, all methods were good, but we caught no bigger fish than 30 cm, for bigger fish was to bright. At about 1 p.m. we had to leave as I promised to kids a bicycle trip for the afternoon.

Andy, thanks for nice fishing morning and see you next year in workshop.

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