Stocking of graylings to Malše river

Srpen 17, 2012 - 10:13 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

kopie6 We have new project in cooperation with Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters of the University of South Bohemia (FFPW USB) in České Budějovice aimed on the new approach in production and stocking of grayling.  The main goal is to test stocking of fry in the age of only 3 months directly to fisheries. Fish are bred in small carp pond half on artificial prey and half on natural food, so they hopefully can easily adapt to conditions in the real river.  We stocked 700 fish marked by the fluorescent elastomer tag to Malše river and we will observe mortality and growth rate. Similar fish, but in the age of 5 months, will be stocked  to the same place in September to compare both groups.

This is start of one of my life dream and one of my challenges in position of fisheries manager in South Bohemia, which is reintroduction of grayling to my favourite rivers, which were devastated  by cormorants. Nowadays, I plan to stock more that 100 000 fish to Vltava, Malše and Blanice rivers annually during next 4 years and we will intensify faith against cormorants. I hope we  will find money in our budget for this plan. I will write detailed article about this problem during long winter evenings, just now you can keep your fingers crossed small graylings in river.


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