Twice Vltava under Vyšší Brod with Vítek and David

Červenec 27, 2016 - 8:25 am Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1260446 I had withdrawal symptoms as I had had fly fishing rod in my hand at least month ago for the last time. Flow has been high in all waters in our region because of rainy summer and I was spending holiday at Lipno lake so I was fishing for zander. But it is another story. Last week I had twice dream about fly fishing, so it was high time to undertake an action. Coincidentally, I met my old buddy Vítek Misar on Monday and he told me, that he was in Vyšší Brod despite of flow over 20 m3/s last weekend and he caught nice fish, so on Tuesday afternoon I picked him up at his summer house. Sky was full of strom clouds, but after “detailed analysis of satelit pictures and animations” we decided that we are not on the trajectory of storms and we headed to Petrol station in Vyšší Brod (in fact we looked to the sky and said “it will miss us” :-) . At six we stayed at the bank of Vltava river, it was nice to be back after one month. I was fishing with extended Hanak Alpen nymph rod size 4, stronger leader HC 0,14 and also nymphs size 14-12 according to formula:  high flow – stronger gear – bigger nymphs – bigger fish. We caught altogether about 40 fish including one rainbow of 46 cm, three smaller rainbows of about 35 cm and  three browns over 30 cm. All fish were in great condition, what a great evening. Just before dark, after few light showers, it started hatch of small olives and fish started rising, so I simply cut of nymphs, put one dry-fly to the point of nymphing leader, removed extension part of the rod and caught last three brownies on the dry fly. The change of setup took me about 2 minutes.

p1260465 On Thursday I was watching radar pictures of moving storms whole day and all clouds were travelling in right direction far away from Vyšší Brod. Problem was, that just in the time when we arrived a storm was developed just over our heads, poring rain closed us in petrol station where we met David. Espresso and cake were not bad and we had time for some old stories. One hour later when rain stopped we decided to go just under the dam as  water should be there relatively clear and it was good idea. David caught rainbow of 49 cm, I caught about 20 fish including brown, dace and perch both on nymphs and streamer, top of the day was the nice brownie.

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