CNM 2010

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We had again “Benelux” group which was enlarged by Gerald Purinton from USA, Jänö Kiss from Hungary and returning Finish guy Kai and we started cooperation with Rudi Kopf, who brought “German” group. Problem was relatively high flow in all rivers after heavy rain, but fishing was good.

I remember one day in the Vltava 33. I was fishing with Paul Canning from England, fishing was not bad, but also nothing special. Very nice experience was a hutch of big stoneflies, which always flew up all together in approximately one hour intervals; it was amazing to see so many big flies looking like helicopters in the air. But fish were absolutely apathetic. We were resting on the bank and suddenly I heard rising fish somewhere underfoot. I raised my head out from grass and I saw a small ring close to the bank behind a big stone. Since I knew this place, I expected good grayling. I took out nymphs from my French leader and put sedge to the point. Casting was not easy with this system, but it worked,  Paul called it “French dapping”. Problem was that the fish was not interested in my flies and took continuously something different. I tried about 10 flies without any success and next I saw a small black stonefly sitting on the surface in front of fish and fish took it. I found one small black sedge with peacock body in my box and casted it one and half meter above the fish. We both were watching, what would happen. When the fly reached to the fish territory, nice grayling did not wait and took it seriously … and snapped my leader, which was probably damaged during nymphing. I found another same fly in my box and gave it to Paul as a memory for this nice day. Later I fortunately caught another good grayling and Paul could make a few pictures.

One early foggy morning we were fishing in the river under the hotel with Kai, Paul and Rudi, Rudi got big rainbow from bank on streamer and had to run after the fish downstream. Me and Kai were nymphing under the weir and we got a lot of fish, as this place was not fished during past days because of high flow.

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