The dark side of the fly-fishing :-)

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p1070273 After few visits of smaller streams, I was missing a bigger river and visited Vltava 24 and Vltava 28. One afternoon I met my friend Petr on Vltava 24. Water was low and clear, my aim was to try fishing for pike or zander with wobblers and I had not a single take in two hours while Peter caught over 10 rainbows on nymphs. My aim was also to try fishing in river with new egg flies, which we frequently use in still-waters nowadays, and which I call “The dark side of the fly fishing” :-) And it works ….

p1070319 Next day I went to Vltava 28 to my favourite meander under Rožmberk, I caught about 30 fish on nymph or dry dropper, the most abundant was surprisingly roach, but I caught all riverine species including nice rainbow. The highlight of the day was the grass snake that passed me, some of my friends would probably go crazy. And “the dark side” works also for chub and roach ….

Windy and fishy Lipno lake in July

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This year, end of June and July was great on Lipno lake, there was windy few days every week and fishing was also good, I caught few carp and zander, and also one nice pike, one evening I took my son Fanda to the boat and we were lucky, we caught two zander in 15 minutes :-) I´m posting few pictures.

England Ladies

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p1070185 I helped to arrange a cooperation between the Czech and English Ladies Teams, Czech ladies went to practise lake fishing in England in April and English ladies came to practice river fishing in the beginning of July. Our friend Vlasta offered us his weekend-house located just on the river bank in Rožmberk, Czech ladies ensured catering and bier and I also visited them for two days, we were talking about the World Ladies championship 2024 which we will host in our waters next May, and we were also fishing the championship sectors. We started in Vltava under Vyšší Brod and next we moved to the Malše River. Despite of really hot weather fishing was not bad and I hope they enjoyed the trip and a little improved their river fishing, good luck in British Columbia in September and see you next year in South Bohemia.

Vltava with Jirka

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p1070120 Jirka visited me for two days, we went to Penzion Herbertov to meet Ludvík and to talk about reconstruction of local cottages, which Jirka as an interior designer will help with, we were talking about oncoming fly fishing championships and about czech national teams and we were also fishing, I took him to the boat for zander and we visited also Vltava River. First day we were in Devil stones, Jirka with his fine dry dropper system ruined me :-) , but second day we were under Vyšší Brod, discharge was a little higher and it suited more to me, mainly few nice brook trouts and one big rainbow who I invited to dinner made my day :-) .

Finland Ladies

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p1070097 Finland ladies asked me to help with organisation of the short practice trip before the World Championship 2024. We spent also one day fishing together, I took them to Malše River as I plan to prepare one or two sectors for the Ladies Championship on this river. I don’t thing that it will be safe for them in Devils Stones, I will let Devils Stones for the Masters :-) We started in the lower part nearby village Pořešín and to be honest I was really wondering what it would be like as I had not been fishing this part for ages. I was surprised that it was not bad, conditions were ideal, water was a little higher after rain, weather was warm and cloudy, and river hosted mixed fish stock composed by brown trout occupying ripples and cyprinid fish (chub, dace, roach, bleak) living in slower places, we caught fish on nymphs, wets and also on dries, we caught few chub of 40 cm, biggest trout had about 30 cm. After lunch at new Kebab takeaway we moved upstream to Skoronice, the girls tried a small intra-team race and I moved upstream, I was fishing only with dry-fly and I caught mostly brown trout and also occasionally grayling. I had to leave at about 5 p.m as my daughter Anna had a concert at the music school, but Franta took care of the girls and invited them to dinner, we always share work inside of the Hanák Team :-)


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img_20230531_140440 Warmer and windy weather finally arrived to our country and I have to divide my free time between windsurfing and fishing …. I can manage it so far :-) May and June are usually best months for WS at Lipno Lake,  but  May was very cold this year and there was not suitable wind, hopefully the Boreás will make it up to us in June.

Masters team of Switzerland

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p1070067 We are organising World Ladies, Masters and Youth Fly fishing Championships next year and first teams arrived to practice the competition waters. First were fishermen from Switzerland, we were fishing all parts of the Vltava River and also the Malše River, we were practising different techniques and also movement in the river a strategy during the competition :-)

And now the right version :-) Three friends from Switzerland who are in “masters” age and who had attended our workshops before, arrived to enjoy fishing in our beautiful waters as every year, I joined them for two half-day sessions, one day we were fishing in Vyšší Brod and in Rožmberk, there were freshly stocked fish, so it was easy fishing, but I found some interesting things. The stock was mixed from rainbow trout of two sizes and brook trout, fish were in great condition. Brook trout stayed almost in the place of stocking, middle size rainbows spread both up and down stream, and the big rainbows of about 50 cm moved upstream just under the fast current from the canoe-pass.

Second day we visited Malše river, I was happy that the natural fish stock was in a good condition, it was composed mainly by brown trout, but we caught also grayling, occasionally white fish. As it was the day, when the European Championship in Portugal was in the final round, I also tried to compete and I counted fish in one hour session, I caught 23 fish over 20 cm, lost two, in a stretch of about 100 metres. Not a bad view for oncoming championships.

May Cup, Květoňov Lake

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img_20230506_174403 As usually first weekend in May, we organised May Cup on Květoňov lake, the lake was drained during winter due to some reconstruction, so all pike and other fish were removed (I will bring some statistic in separate post) and the lake has been stocked only trout since end of February and before competition we stocked another 400 kg.

As expected, the fishing was excellent, all fly fishing methods worked in different parts of the day and it was caught almost 800 fish, biggest fish had 50 cm. I was fishing well all three bank sectors but I blanked in boat, I´m not in the high competition mode like in the past :-)

Good test before Championships which we will organise next year.


Hungarian Vltava Cup 2023

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After the first very successful year of the event, I was again asked by my Hungarian friends for help with the organization of second year. Vltava cup 2023 was again hosted by Penzion Herbertov, our favourite fly-fishing base. The camp consisted of two practice days, one day competition and one day of free fishing. I helped with arranging of all necessary licences, during the two practice days and with organisation of the competition. We had problem with high discharge in Vltava river under Vyšší Brod, so all four days we had to fish in Vltava 29 Devil Stones. However, the fishery consist from three different parts, the upper trophy part, middle wild only brown trout section and lower section with mixed fish stock composed also by rainbow trout, brook trout and white fish, so it was not and monotonously and  I hope that everybody was satisfied and enjoyed the camp. The group of 20 people consisted from both beginners and experienced fishermen who had already attended World Championships. The only chance how to improve for Hungarian fly fishers is  to go abroad, but on the other hand, location of Hungary is not far from Czech Rep., Slovakia, Austria  and Slovenia, which is not bad :-)

During competition, organisers used special system of evaluation known mainly from carp and predatory competitions, that we had no judges, all competitors fish in the same time, and every catch had to be photographed. For me it was great  opportunity to see it and test it, but I thing, that for fly-fishing competition in rivers is this system not suitable as handling with expensive mobile phones in the river is not safe and more over, preparation for photographing takes time and it extends handling and stressing of fish, which is not good.

Slovakia April 2023

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img-20230423-wa0002 Michal and Peter offered me to go again to spring trip to Slovakia to fish Bešeňová Lake and to attend competition Kežmarská Zlatná Lake Cup, where I was second few years ago. First day we were fishing Bešeňová Lake, a mountain reservoir stocked regularly by rainbow trout, conditions were tough as it was sunny and no wind in the morning, but later in the afternoon a wind raised and we caught few nice fish, I was fishing washing line setup, sunburst blob in the point and two wets on droppers, half of fish I caught on the blob and second half on Bibio.

Competition hosted about 130 competitors, it consisted from 5 ground spread between two days. Fishing was great from the first round, I finished eighth, which was not bad, I was fishing mainly slow glass line and hover line and team of lures, the best was my sunburst killer as usually. Almost everybody was fishing “dry-dropper setup”, which was very similar to “float fishing”, you use one big bushy dry-fly and two suspended egg-flies, you cast, sit on a chair, and if the dry-fly sinks, you strike. In my opinion, it is not fly-fishing and we have to thing about it in the future. However, I have to admit that I also succumbed to this “dark side” of the fly-fishing second day. In the fourth round I was casting 30 m and pulling my lures. Next to me was fishing a local uncle, he was sitting on chair, casting the float with fluo-green eggs 5 metres far from the shore and in 15 minutes he was leading 4:1 … so I also picked up the same setup and got another 6 fish.

I really liked the friendly atmosphere during both days, we have a lot of friends in Slovakia and we were nice group from the Czech Republic including Luboš Roza and Milan Čubík completed by Dutch Rene Koops as usually, hope to be back next year.