Summer on the Lipno Lake

Červen 30, 2020 - 7:16 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

1 In summer, we usually stay at Lipno Lake as I work on my research projects, and there is also windy and fishing is also great there … So we have a lot of fun, windsurfing, carp-fishing, zander-fishing, beach partying, and also some trout fishing, but this in the next post :-)


Two days of fishing with friends from Hungary

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p1010256 István, member of the Hungarian Fly Fishing Team, and his wife Maria visited South Bohemia on the way home from holiday, so I took them fishing for two afternoons. We visited Warm Vltava and also small brook flowing to Vltava from the left side in the town of Český Krumlov called Polečnice, it was nice time, we caught many trout and grayling, both on nymphs, dries, and I caught also one big trout on squirmy as the second day was very rainy and water became dirty, don’t try it :-).  They left just before a coming flood. See you in Autumn.

Vltava 28

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p1010006 I had finally time to go to Vyšší Brod (too much work, homework with kids, windsurfing …), I employ my friends – students Vojta and Martin within my scientific project, and after work, we went to Vltava river for evening rise. As it was rainy, hatch of sedge was not strong, but we caught few nice fish including the rainbow monster (0,10 mm hanak flurocarbon, jig size 16, rod Superlight size 3 …. crazy man :-)

Vltava 24 in May

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p1000892 I have not too much time for fishing (home office, filed work, housework, homework with kids, windsurfing, beach volleyball … :-) so I go sometimes to Vltava 24, which is in a great condition nowadays, river if full of older and active fish (brook trout was stocked last October and it adapted well and thrives) and also fresh stockies, so you can catch many fish on dry fly, and also some really big fish, mainly on streamer, or nymph, or on a blob. This one had 3,5 kg and it was kindly invited for dinner :-) So 5-size rod, 0,18 mm tippet and reinforced version of Hanák Hooks are necessary, for streamer 0,24 tippet :-) .

Otava River in April

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April 16th is the Opening Day in trout waters in our country. We decided to visit the trophy section Otava 6 close to the Hotel Annín. It was simply fantastic day with great friends, we caught rainbows, brooks, browns, tigers, graylings and chub, for lunch we had schnitzel and Pilsner beer,  I caught fish on streamer, nymph and also on dry fly. Dream day. Thank you that we can go fishing in this difficult time. I had camera under repair, so there are some pictures made by phone.

Vltava 24 during Eastern

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p1000595 During Eastern, I was asked by the Czech National TV to say something about the effects of Covid on the sport fishing, we decided to meet on the bank of  Vltava River, I hoped to catch a fish, but I was amazed by a massive hatch of sedge already from 10 a.m., I caught about 25 fish, rainbow trout, brook trout and chub. This season is simple fantastic on the Vltava river mainly for lovers of dry fly fishing.

And if you would like to see and hear me, below is the link, I smuggled an advertisement for Hotel Annín and hHanák Competition there :-)

Time 2:55:00 of the broadcast, or 17:12 on the clock

Vltava 24 and Květoňov Lake in March

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p1000216 Our government introduced some restriction concerning Coronavirus relatively in time, so we have not so dramatic course of the epidemic, they stopped all sport and culture events, closed schools and restaurants and majority of public services, they recommended to limit going to town, shopping and meeting to each other, and we have to wear veil in town, and also people are recommended to work from home if possible.

But fishing is not banned as outdoor activities do not increase the possibility of virus transmission and improve our immune system, of course :-) . So we regularly stock Květoňov Lake and Vltava River and I also sometimes find a space during my home office to go fishing :-) Fishing competitions has been also banned, so we have more time for practice.

In Vltava 24, we have recorded the best winter season in the  memory, the mild weather and lover discharge enabled to survive a lot of fish from last year, and this fish look for a native food. From the end of February, we can see a hatch of an insect every day, it started by stone-fly and just now we have hatch of large olives. And fresh stocked fish always prefer hatch of a blob :-) The blob is phenomenon, it works both in muddy and clear water, I have already caught many species on it, rainbow trout, brook trout, barbel, nase and chub :-) .
As we have stocked relatively big fish, I fish with my favourite Sage Z-Axis size 5 and use 0,18 mm tipped :-) For dry fly, I use 0,14 as the overwintered fish are up to 1 kg.

Květoňov Lake is also great, we have already stocked fish twice, I had also few nice days there, but I did not make a picture, so I borrowed two pictures from Facebook profiles of my friends.


Vltava 24

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20200304_141934 Fishing in Vltava 24 was amazing in the last week as we recorded a massive hatch of brown stonefly, it took always of about 2 hours from 1 till 3 p.m., when females were falling on the water surface and laying eggs to water and it provoked trouts to high activity, it was always possible to catch over 10 fish on dry fly. The best tactic was to cast fly fast just to the head of to the rising fish and it provoked aggressive takes. Life is nod bad if you can catch nice fish on dry fly already in the end of February. I thing, that global warming is not a fake :-) I had my camera in service, so I´m posting only few pictures recorded by mobile phone. Victor also arrived with his family, so everything works well on Vltava 24 this year :-)

First visit of Květoňov lake

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I had three important deadlines in one day on last Thursday in February, so I had hard last two weeks. Meanwhile, the Květoňov Lake thawed and we arranged first stocking, so on Friday after the deadlines I decided to breathe some fresh air and went to the lake. I was welcomed by a small blizzard, but it finished before I prepared my rod and in the rest of the afternoon it was relatively fine weather. I started fishing my favourite yellow killers on the fast intermediate line, but fish only followed it and did not take seriously. What an insolence :-) So I changed place and also lures and finally I got 11 rainbows on black lures in two hours, majority on hang, not a bad start of the still water season. I´m looking forward to the first competitions :-)

January is not bad, we will see what February will bring

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v24-2 Some people say that we have no winter, but I like this weather. Of course, we have lack of snow, but winter and spring have still a lot of time to fill our groundwater supplies by a snow or rain. In mountains, there is colder, and in lowlands there are temperatures during days above zero which is good for fishing :-) It is true, that 14 degrees during the last few days was pretty much for the coldest month in the year, and strong warm south-west wind almost lured to windsurfing, but we will see.

The spring weather was irresistible and as I finished two annual reports from my big projects, nothing prevented me to go fishing to Vltava 24. Water was a little higher, but relatively clear despite the night rain and I caught nice rainbow and brook trout in five minutes. Tobi visited me on the way home and as I just caught another nice rainbow, he jumped to car and hurried home for gear. He returned 30 minutes later and I already had six fish and caught another three before he started fishing.  I gave him successful flies and let him go first as I was already satisfied. Finally, we caught 19 fish between us, including the nase on the blob. Majority of trout took nymph, my favourite blob got only two trouts and the nase. Surprisingly, several fish had fresh injuries on their tail, I can not imagine what could case it, maybe otter or mink, cormorants or herons usually stab the back of fish and pike leave the tooth marks creating an arch.

Not only fishing is our life, I´m adding few pictures from ice skating on the Lipno Lake :-)