Große Mühl

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p1340517 I was invited by a group of Austrian fly-fishermen to make a small workshop at their club water Große Mühl close to Aigen. They would like to see current Czech style of nymphing and other fly-fishing techniques and also a little talk about the management of the water. Bernd, my host, asked me to show different fly – fishing techniques, and he also took me to different places in this beautiful piece of water to show how to fish under different conditions, in ripples, pools etc.

Manuel and Nicholas, another two Bernd´s friends attending the workshop, were waiting for us at the river. We started with a short lecture and presentation of suitable equipment, construction of leaders and selection of flies, for this size of river I recommended a 3-size rod of 9 feet. I chose my Sage SLT, the Bentley between rod limousines :-) I also presented fishing and luckily I caught few fish :-) In the early morning, the fish were not too active, but a little movement with nymphs was the right trigger for takes.  It gradually improved, and we caught a lot of fish. Manu tried also my rod to see effect of well balanced equipment. He is about to buy a new rod :-)

Morning session ran away quickly and we moved for a local beer and starter to the famous Mackerel Grill grill, and next for schnitzel, of course. After the great lunch I could not move, but the fishing had been so good, so we got up from tables and moved to the upper part of the fishery. Under a bridge on the confluence of the channel from power plant and another small inflow, I had opportunity to present devastating effect of the of well balanced equipment and team of two 18-size nymphs :-) I noticed the significant improvement in the fishing of all the three guys, small changes in construction of leaders, technique and also in reading of water and made big difference !!! And practice, practice, practice!!! And move, move and move :-)

Nik and Manu had to leave at about 5 pm, and Bernd next took me to the uppermost part of the fishery, to the big pool above a weir. I have to say that the last hour of fishing was simply amassing, trout started to rise and used team of wet flies and it was simply devastating. Oh.

I would like to pay a little attention to the management. Bernd told me, that they cooperate with BOKU Viena and a Norwey univeristy, and they got simply advice: not to stock anything, only protect wild fish and let them naturally reproduce, and in suitable places improve habitats for fish by putting of structures, e.g. big boulders and death wood. AND IT DEFINITELY WORKS!!!  I caught several tens of brown trout in the size from of 10 cm till 35 cm, all in great condition. BEST MANAGEMENT’, NO MANAGEMENT!!!

I hope that guys enjoyed the day at least like me and I´m looking forward to the next visit when we will more concentrate also on the local grayling. And in September, we will make another small workshop.

Camp with Dutch Team

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p1340378 I was asked by René Koops to organise short weekend camp for Dutch team in Rožmberk. It promised nice few days with friendly people, so I was looking forward to it. We were mainly practising fishing in the Devil Stones, which look easy for leisure fishermen, who always catch a nice trout there, but it is difficult for competitors, who have to catch many fish in a short time and more over after every catch they have to go to the judge. I hope I payed enough attention to everybody and all the attendants finally understand what is fishing in this difficult water about, how to cast, how to construct leaders, how to move, and all of them showed a significant improvement.

p1340333 Fishing in the Vltava river under Vyšší Brod was harder, water which is released from the deeper part of the Lipno lake comparing with Devil Stones is still much colder and fish and all life is not so active. But we caught few fish, mainly on nymph. Dutchmen  asked me also to show fishing with streamer, so brought from Franta Hanák´ shop his brand new line with sink tip, intermediate body and floating running line specially constructed for rivers like Vltava characterised by variable profile with shallows and pools. I prepared leader of 2 metres with two streamers, next I had a short speech about the technique and tactics, and I casted to the deepest pool in the river. To be honest, I did not believe in a success, I had expected that all the rainbows stocked one month ago are already away,  what was a surprise that after few casts I got a strong hit to the line and a decent rainbow of about 50 cm was dancing above the water. I was so frightened that I lost it :-) I had another take, next I lent the rod to John and he lost also one fish. Finally, in an hour, I returned, and I got two good fish to the net. Tino got another nice rainbow one nymph. We both had seen rising them :-)

We really enjoyed the weekend, on Saturday afternoon visited us for the great dinner in Hotel Růže also Thierry Hockers with his friend from Belgium team, and we tasted also some bottles of Chardonay, both from California and Czech vineyards.

On Monday, I  barely could not move, jumping between boulders is not for my old bones and muscles :-)

Lets wake up and back to the work with preparation of the Championship.

CzechFlyFish team on Otava 6 Trophy part

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p1340175 From the year 2018, it has been opened the new trophy part in the Otava River between Čepice and Žichovice. Managers promise trophy rainbows and brook trout and maybe in the future also tiger fish. And also supporting of the brown trout and grayling populations. I noticed some discussion on Facebook about this step in the management of the fishery. This part of the river hosts relatively good populations of wild brown trout and grayling and the stocked fish can negatively affect their reproduction. It is not 100% sure that stocked fish will adapt to river conditions and that they will be able to pray on a native food, like insect or fish fry. According to my experience from Vltava 24, the stocked fish don´t significantly affect wild fish. In any case, wild fish also suffer from the high fishing pressure, which will be decreased by relatively expensive fishing permits. We will see.

p1340153 To have our own experience, our CzechFlyFish Team composed by Patrik, Honza and me decided to test the water. Weather was fantastic keeping in mind that there is still April, which should be cold, windy and rainy, and we burned our faces, necks and hands. The flow in the river was relatively high, but we are not out from sugar :-) During the day, we fished all the parts of the fishery, and we caught nice fish in all suitable places, rainbows from 1 kg to 4 kilograms,  brook trout up to 40 cm, and also many nice wild browns and graylings.

p1340083 And equipment? I like to fish with proper equipment.  For the streamer, I used  rod SAGE Z-Axis size 8, sinking line Airflo 40+ and Hanak Competition fluorocarbon 0,22 mm and team of Cat Whisker streamer on the dropper and black one in the point.  This setup enabled me quick recasting and covering all the water from bank to bank. When I hooked a fish, I kept the fish on its place for few seconds, next I made quick steps forward it, waited a little and next I lifted the fish to the surface and netted it. Rod never let the fish return back under the surface. I had few fish over 3 kg and I had all of them in the net in a minute.  In my opinion, this is the best way to play the big fish as it saves their energy and limits creation of the lactate in their muscles. I used Hanak streamer hooks size 6 so it was ease to unhook the fish and return them to water. For the nymphing, I used rod SAGE Z-Axis size 5 and tipped Hanak Competition 0,18 mm. It was not problem also for the wild fish and I get many graylings and browns and dropper, in the point I had jig blob, which was preferred by stockies, takes came mainly in the end of drift.

I thing, that it is not necessary comment the pictures :-)

Květoňov Lake with Michal

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20180405_184622 I visited our the only trout lake Květoňov in the afternoon with Michal. The ice thawed one week ago, and on Moday they were stocked new fish, so we awaited good sport with fishing of over-wintered fish and fresh stockies. I used my favourite fast intermediate line Airflo 40+ ,  three lures and rolly-polly retrieve, and it was not necessary to change anything. I had takes from the very first cast till the evening. It was only necessary to change the depth of fishing and move a little along the bank to find fish, I caught about 30 fish both stockies and few older fish. Michal tried also buzzers combined with Bibio on the top dropper and he got more older fish which were more selective. The short shower and rainbow created beautiful scenery, what a nice evening finished by a great dinner.

It still does not bore me :-)

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p1330813 I had another great day in Vltava 24, this time with Michal Rypl, who was novice at the fishery. So I took him to the all interesting places, showed him all the secret flies :-) and also how to fish in this water. It’s not as easy as you would expect, fish change their position, last week they were only in the deeper and the slowest parts, this time they moved a little a stayed in the end of riffles in mouths of pools and along sides of the main current, still relatively deep. Nymphing is still the most effective fishing, streamer is too quick, I was fishing with nymphs behind another colleague who was using a D5 line and streamers, he was without a take and I caught 7 fish after him. Not only blob-jig worked, also PTN with an orange or pink neck, in the sunny periods with a gold bead, in the cloudy periods with a silver one. Size 12 was the best, leader 0,18 mm HC. Michal is a good pupil and he took my advice quickly as you can see in the gallery.
I had a nice story, I tried two colours of the blob-jig, one in the point and the other in the dropper, I hooked a rainbow of about 2 kg on the point fly, the fish was jumping a little and took about 15m of line, but next it calmed down and I pulled it to me. I could not lift it from bottom in the strong current, so I moved a little downstream to be under the fish and I was preparing the net, and suddenly two rainbows jumped from the water, both of them had a blob-jig in the mouth and I was clear. For this case, 0,18 mm is not enough :-)

Somebody could say that it is boring to fish for stockies ….

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p1330684 .. but I don´t thing that :-)  After one week of skiing holiday with kids I had enough “home points”  so I was checking possibilities where to “wet a knot”during weekend. The strong cold front was moving through our country from north east during Saturday, but the temperature in the South Bohemia was above zero whole day whilst the rest of our country was gripped by blizzard. The discharge in the Vltava river was ideal, our fishery Vltava 24 was stocked by fresh fish on Thursday, so it was no doubt where to go. We met with Honza at the railway bridge at 10 a.m. and we decided to check the lower part of the fishery. There was already several fishermen in the water and I noticed a few bent rods. I helped to one funny guy to land his good fish as he had too small net (we say, that is was just good for butterflies …)
To cut a long story short, we both caught about 10 rainbows within approximately 3 hours, all fish of size 45 – 55 cm, both overwintered fish and stockies. I tried several colours of blob, and also nymphs and squirmies, all flies worked well.

On Sunday, it was too could for me (-8°C), but Tobi, who returned from skiing on the Sunday afternoon, could not resist and persuaded Jirka to go fishing and they also caught over ten fish. Jirka get the fish which smashed my leader two weeks ago. Next week it will be warmer …

Back in Vltava 24 after almost 6 weeks

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p1270493 The Lipno Reservoir was almost full after Christmas and in the mountains, there was almost 2 m of snow, so the Vltava River Authority decided to release water from the reservoir and make enough space for the spring melting. The discharge from the lake had been 20 m3/s for the last 4 weeks, which resulted in the value of over 30 m3/s in the Vltava 24 in Boršov, although the weather was relatively mild during the last weeks, the flow in the Vltava river was too high for fishing. So I paid attention to finish some work, to preparation of the European Championship and also to tying flies. Till last Friday ….

On Friday, the discharge from the reservoir was decreased to 10 m3/s and the weather forecast promised for the weekend sunny and temperatures above zero  …

p1330490 On Saturday morning, I watched the phenomenal performance by Ester Ledecká during the Winter Olympics (I was windsurfing with her in the same bay in Greece last summer :-) ) and next I got two very similar messages from Tobi and Honza, who also noticed the drop of the discharge. We settled the meeting  in the camp at 13:30. I was there 13:00, Tobi 13:05 and Honza 13:10 :-) . We always compete and who is the first in the water has always an advantage :-)

The river looked great, only the cold front coming from the north partly covered sky by clouds, so the temperature stayed under the zero for the whole afternoon. I was going upstream from the camp with Tobi, Honza decided to go a little bit downstream. I was fishing with blob in the point and nymph on the dropper, same Tobi. I found a suitable place in the first pool, and during the third cast I saw visible hit to the line, I struck, and I was missing the point fly, probably a monster fish. I took another blob from my fly box, and after a few casts I had the second take, and on the blob was another fish with the first blob in its tail. So the story about the big fish was away, but the decent rainbow in the net warmed my frozen fingers and the first blob returned to the box. Next strike I got a few casts later, and it was a silver full finned rainbow over 60 cm, we were observing each other eye to eye for a few moments, I saw the blob in the corner of its mouth, and I imagined great fillets, the fish understood what I was thinking about, and ran upstream, took all my leader, nymphing line, a few metres of backing and smashed my leader over a stone. So I went to the bank to make a new leader and let Tobi the hot spot. He had another three takes and 2 fish in my hand. Great start of the day.
p1330504 Next we moved downstream to the next pool and we caught there another 7 fish between us. While we were having a break on the bank in a short sunny period to thaw frozen reels, rods and leaders, Jan Čerkl, owner of the local pub in the camp and keen fly-fisherman, brought us espresso and small beer. What a great service and a great life :-) . Honza had also few takes in the downstream part.

The best fly was orange blob jig as usually in this time of the year, but we got a few fish also on the “traditional” jigs like Orange tag and PTN. I was fishing extended Hanák Alpen nymph rod size 5, I started with 0,16 mm fluorocarbon, but I replaced it by 0,18 after losing the big fish.

Vltava 24 again not bad

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p1320962 We could not resist another nice day although the water in the Vltava River was high and a little muddy  after heavy rains … we knew what to do … to use the native imitative patterns  …. the orange blob and squirmy worm :-) Tobi caught 2 rainbows on the blob, same me, and later in the afternoon we saw a few rising fish, we thought that there are rainbows, but I covered one rise with my team of “flies” and I get good nase on the squirny, so I thing, that it was not a rising fish, but the nase splashing water while raking the bottom. Not a bad day, 5 nice fish in 2 hours.

Next I went to Lipno to check cottage and I made few nice pictures


New season is coming, Vltava 24 scores

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pf-2018-mh-eng Dear fly fishing friends, first of all, I wish you Happy New Year full of love, happiness, contentment and, of course, fishing. From the upcoming year 2018, I will cooperate on all activities connected with fly fishing with Patrik Jedlička under one brand Patrik Jedlička is my friend, great fly-fisherman and owner of the luxury hotel Annín at Otava river. If you would like to visit us, let me know and we can arrange details.

January 1st – first trip of the year to Vltava 24

p1320833 Mild weather on 1st of January was simply irresistible, so I called Tobi after lunch weather he had already bought fishing permit for the Vltava 24 and if he was already sobering. Answers was “YES, of course, Im just packing my gear” ….. and we met at the bridge in Boršov with Šindy in 15 minutes. After the windy morning, the west wind calmed down and sun was peeking out of the clouds, it was about 8 degrees above zero, simply ideal conditions for the winter fishing. p1320844 In 1,5 hour, we hooked nice 11 rainbows of size 45-55 cm, a few barbel and coarse fish, not a bad start of the season, what do you thing? I saw also few hatching olives and midges and also a rainbow rising. Do you know another water in the Czech Republic where you can catch fish such quality in January? As the new year, so throughout the year :-)

Vltava 24

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p1320688 We aimed last few visits of our trophy part in Vltava river on the pike fishing. I did not have a special pike rod, so I asked my friend Pavel, who is rod-builder, to cat my old lake rod by 20 cm and “sharpen it”. Tying of big streamers is interesting and fishing with them is hard work and strong rod helps. I was not so successful like Franta and Honza, but I caught few smaller pikes and rod worked well. One week ago we observed with Honza a big crocodile from bridge and estimated its length of about 1 m, and last Thursday morning Honza called me that it is exactly 96 cm :-) .

Last Saturday was not so cold, so we went again to Vltava with Honza, this time to the lower part of the river stretch. We started with pike fishing, but I had only few follows of smaller pikes.  In the end, I decided to wet also some trout streamers because the place looked like a home of a big rainbow, my leader was not ideal :-)   sink tip line,  1 m of fluorocarbon 0,50 mm, 30 cm pike wire, and next 2 m of 0,22 fluorocarbon with two black-orange streamers. After few casts I got strong hit to the line and decent rainbow was jumping above the surface of the river. What a surprise, finally I missed another take and one fish broke my leader, so it was time to go home. Hopefully we we’ll be lucky for few more mild days before the end of the year.