Christmas time

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img_20211230_152829 We say, that weather was like on a swing. Few days frost, few days warmer, and finally, before the New Year Eve, temperature records were falling with temperatures reaching 15°C.
On 24th morning, I had everything prepared and finished, and I found myself unnecessary at home :-) so I jumped to my car to visit the river. I met few friends with the same experience :-) , so we wished each other all the best and also soaked our flies. I caught few rainbows, surprisingly, the best was the active fishing and I caught also few fish on streamer.

During Christmas, the temperatures dropped down and rain changed to snowfall, so the winter mood was simple irresistible, so I simply could not resist a I went to the river for at least an hour on 27th morning.

We have new colleague Jakub and he started with fly-fishing this autumn, he has never fished with nymphs, he has fished mainly with wet flies for chub and other coarse fish in the Otava River close to his home. I gave him one day fishing on Vltava 24 on Dec 30th as the Christmas present. I prepared for him my new Hanák Superb XP 5 size rod and french leader with two smaller nymphs. There was a little busy in the town of Boršov, so I took him to my favourite place under the town, I demonstrated the technique and I gave him some tips how to move in river and send him to first pool, and after few casts he hooked rainbow of about 3 kg :-) I thing, that he is hooked :-) . We finished day with about 12 fish between us, one of the fish had injury on its tail, probably from otter, hopefully it will survive the winter, fish was in relatively good condition.

p1040484 The opening day of our fly fishing season is usually 1st of January and we did not missed this date. More over if the date looked so magical and the air temperature was over 10 °C from the morning. We met with Honza, David and Franta at river after lunch, we caught some fish (the biggest fish caught Franta as usually and my first fish of the year was roach :-) ) we told some stories, exchanged some Christmas presents, drunk some drinks, and in the evening, the town hall held fireworks in honour of the start of the fishing season, so I made few pictures. What a nice start of the season.

Last visit of Vltava 24 before Christmas

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p1040336 After few days of frost, it came relatively mild weather and Peter and me found time to again visit Vltava 24 for a short afternoon session, it was the best way to face the pre-Christmas stress :-) , we caught few rainbows and also small barbel. Peter was fishing with small nymphs, I was trying also a combination with a little bigger and more bright files :-)

Winter time in Vltava 24

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p1040254 After 6 days of high flow and bad weather, in the end of the week the discharge in the river was decreased and  sun shone on a beautiful day, simple irresistible conditions, I thing, that it is not necessary to comment these pictures. I met Peter and Tobi and I estimate that we caught over 20 fish between us.

Vltava 24, winter is coming slowly

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p1040244 Winter is coming slowly and therefore fishing in Vltava 24 has been still perfect. On Sunday, we met with David after lunch and we enjoyed two hours of nice fishing, we caught some fish on streamer and some on a nymph. At the end of the day we decided to invite the last fish for dinner. I was a little luckier, David lost a big fish, and finally he caught his 50 cm nice rainbow and decided to finish, and when he moved out from the water, I slowly arrived to his place and from the same spot I got the 3,2 cracker (62 cm). December is not bad, and water forecast is promising at least for next week :-) .

Vltava 24, end of November

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p1040213 In the end of November, we had first snow and first night frosts, I hate the morning scraping of the windows of my car :-) But…. during these days, we still have temperatures above zero in the afternoon and this is great time for fishing in Vltava 24. Not big traffic in the water, and fish are in the great condition after few weeks in the river. Discharge in the river is usually also low, so the only problem are short days. After few snapped big fish during last days, I use 8 size Sage Z-Axis rod, one fly only and 0,20 mm tippet as every day I can meet a fish over 3 kg and the minimal size of fish is about 1 kg. There are some pictures from last days, my best killing fly was a small zonker-imitation of bullhead.

Vltava 28 with David

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p1040072 Maybe last sunny days invited us for fishing, we had been thinking about the Květoňov lake, but probable hatch of olives affected our decision and we decided to go to Vltava River and we did not make a mistake. We met at about eleven and started with nymphs, but it was nothing special, water was really cold after the morning frost, but at about 12:30 we noticed first olives flickering on the water surface and fish responded immediately. I was fishing with dry fly and also with small nymphs, and we caught about 40 fish together, I caught almost all the species living in the river. We also caught few graylings, which is nice. Why is Autumn so short? :-)

Vltava 27, wet fly session

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p1040038 I had free Sunday, weather was nice, so I decided to visit the Vltava River, my plan was to start a little downstream and next to go to Vyšší Brod for the afternoon hatch of olives. I passed Český Krumlov and stopped for a moment at the bridge, which creates border between the fisheries Vltava 26 and Vltava 27. Two fish rising just under the bridge pulled me from my car and after few minutes of observation I spotted another three rising rainbows, so I did no waiting for anything and run to the river. The first fish I caught on dry fly, it was rainbow of about 30 cm, but I found out, that fish were moving during rising, so it was difficult to localise them and to catch them with the dry fly. I decided to try wet fly, which I use mainly for fishing of rising rainbows (I observed similar behaviour also in Vltava 24, rainbows always move, sometimes you can thing, that there is rising five fish in the pool and it is only one). I made cats from three different March-brown-style wet flies size 14, I used tippet of 0,14 mm and covered first rising fish. The fish responded immediately and during playing of it, I saw another circle on the surface. I had great 30 minutes of fishing, I caught about 10 bows. Suddenly I saw another two fishermen next to me, one was upstream and the second one was downstream. Both were fishing with floaters and worms and they almost surrounded me, after first few seconds of surprise I realised, that I was fishing in the non-trout section of river where life baits are allowed.  I decided to move, firstly I don´t like so intimate society, and secondly, there was no more rising fish. When I sat to the car, I had call from Jaromír, who was fishing in Vyšší Brod, and he told me, that water discharge in river was increased and he is moving downstream to me. We met at another good spot, but I was not fishing anymore, the wet fly session satisfied me, so I was only observing Jaromír for a while, enjoyed a little sunbathing in the late autumnal sun and I went home.


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img_6208-1 It was great that after one year break caused by Covid restrictions we could organise our famous cup. Unfortunately, some of foreign team still could not come, but we will keep place for them next year. We met with all of our friends on Friday evening in our traditional base in Herbertov, and after the opening meeting and draw we had many things to talk, maybe too many :-)

I was controlling Tonda and Milda in the first session, It was great opportunity for me to watch Tonda fishing, it is not a coincidence, that he is world champion. My lads were not fishing badly, but 43 fish was not enough to better place than 4th, and in this round we lost chance for medal as one place higher was accessible. In the afternoon session, I was fishing with Patrik, we had maybe the best place in the sector D, more over the team before us was not fishing well in the first session, so the victory in this session was almost obligatory, we caught 44 fish and we used and practised all rods, nymph, dry-dropper, streamer and also the dry fly. For the Sunday session we moved to sector B to the peg with island, I was fishing with Jiří, we started at the bottom-end of the peg, I was fishing with 2-size Hanák Superlight rod,  0,08 mm tippet and nymphs size 20. In 10 minutes we had 12 fish in the scoring card and it looked great, but it a little slowed down later, we lost some fish, and finally we gained second place in the session, again, one place better was not impossible. Overall we finished fourth, one place after third team with more fish caught … but it is sport, in this competition with so many good teams, you must fishing great without mistake in all the three rounds to get a medal, maybe next time :-)

Results including catch statistic you can find in the Hanák Open page.

I was invited by Igor to his podcast series after the competition, we spend nice afternoon in his car, if somebody wants to listen 3,5 hours talk about fishing, organisation of events and competitions, here is link :-)



Rožmberský cup 2021

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img_20210911_181627 I was looking forward to our home cup under the Rožmberk Castle, we had have not so many competitions this year, and I didn’t even go fishing during the summer, and if I did, I went to Vltava 24, and that’s a bit different fishing.
I had day of on Friday, so I prepared some things for the competition in the morning, and along the way to Rožmberk I found a suitable place in river to practice a nymph and a dry-dropper for an hour, so together with always good dry fly I had three tried and tested rods. I had nice walk with Jája and Šeďa during preparation of pegs, then I prepared my database for evaluation of results and finally I visited Vlasta, Tom and other guys for great steak and few beers. I thing, that preparation was not underestimated.

In the first round I gained first place with 22 fish on the peg A1, I was a little bit lucky, as my biggest brown trout was by one centimetre bigger than a chub caught by Terka who also caught 22 fish. I was fishing only with nymphs and majority of fish I brought from the three pools at the opposite bank, it was a little hard work, but it paid of, Martin who was fishing next round after me caught only 6 fish.

In the next round I went to A6, where Terka was fishing in the morning and Máca caught 12 fish in the second round. I found big three in the water at the opposite bank and between its branches I caught majority of my 13 fish, which brought me second place in the session and overall leadership after two sessions. I was fishing mainly dry dropper and nymph with 2-size rod and 0,8 mm tippet.

After the lunch break,  in my last round, luck a little turned its back on me, when I caught 6 fish, but unfortunately it was enough for only sixth place in the session. The session was very tough, the dace, which I lost one minute after the start of the session, would bring me third place in the session and the first place overall, so I finished fifth, which I can consider as success in the current concurrence  of young competitors, but victory would have been better :-) . It was caught 993 fish, which is not bad, but occurrence of brow trout and rainbow trout was really low and we have to focus on the management of his nice water in next years.

Unfortunately, we made one big mistake in the evaluation of results and Ondra Švanda would have been second, but I made new trophy for him and gave it to him as surprise during price giving at Hanák Open next week.

Summer time, some zander fishing, some carp fishing, and mainly windsurfing

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During summer I caught few carp and also few zander, but majority of them was not bigger than 50 cm and we have to thing seriously about returning of strict rules for fishing with a life bait. And if there was windy, we were windsurfing, of course. I´m looking for oncoming autumnal trout season and for the first competitions, the covid-break was too long.