Erik Eikre Invitational, Glomma river, in the gold colour

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p1370493 Me and Honza Vender again attended in colours of the Hanák Competition Team the friendly competition organised by our friend Erik Eikre on the Glomma River, Norway. Franta Hanák could not go this year because of busy work, but he equipped us by the brand new Hanák Superb XP nymphing rods. We asked our mate Michal Rypl to complete the team, our ambitions were naturally high after the fourth place in the last year. The journey was a little stressful as I was wrong about the time of the departure of the flight for an hour and we left our home by an hour later …. but we caught the flight, pick up of the rented car in Oslo was without problem, Michal proved to be a great driver, and in the evening we met Erik and other friends in the Telneset Fishing Lodge.

vender1 The Glomma River looked great, only the morning temperatures under zero were not pleasant, so we had longer breakfasts and the air temperature reached zero at about 10 O’clock  and with enough of caffeine, chocolate and rum in blood, the fishing was endurable :-) . First day we were practising the river, we moved a little downstream from the camp and the local style of fishing for grayling was mainly for Michal something different to his experience from little home waters. We caught first fish immediately, both on nymphs and squirmies, the sun shone through the clouds, Honza brought for lunch great sausages, I expect that we hooked about 60 fish between us, we also caught few fish just under 50 cm limit, so we very enjoyed the first day. The first day of practice we focused on the adaptation to the local conditions, we tested our flies and mainly our equipment, 0,12 mm fluorocarbon was strong enough, new rods and hooks worked well, and I did not lose any single fish during the day.

Second day we were practising the lake, which was something unknown and challenging for us, we have no grayling in still-waters in our country. I get important tips from Franta  Hanák and Martin Drož and also from Erik and Nuno, so we had a rough plan what to do. Weather changed to a small blizzard, the snow showers when snow was falling horizontally :-) were changing rapidly with the sunny periods, even the journey to the lake on the summer tiers was real adrenaline. But we found a sheltered bay in the west coast of the lake and Honza caught a nice fish on the very first cast. We found how to get fish close to the bank and also in the distance and we left lake with the clear tactic for the competition.

Last day of the practice we returned to the river to prove our experience and flies and also to a little work on the team tactic, which is very important in the river of this size. After the lunch we decided to go fishing to the place at road, where almost all teams had been practising, to test fishing after the high fishing pressure which is the most important thing in all competitions. In the first round, everybody catches fish, but the final result is always created in the last rounds. In the evening I attended the captains meeting and draw and I had “lucky hand” to take relatively good rotation starting by two rounds in the river.

p1370467 For the competition days, the weather improved and it was relatively warm, however, it was very strong wind mainly during the first day.  I started with Honza on the beat A4, which was not bad, but fish were at the opposite bank and we could not beat Nuno and his team in the beat A7, we had to go for every fish at least 50 m, while in the beat A7 you could catch fish almost from the bank (I expect, that we spent 30 minutes by fishing and 90 minutes by running :-) , but 41 fish and the second place in the sector A were good start of the competition. The second round was won by Honza and Michal with 46 fish from the beat A6 and we moved to the lake in good mood. In the lake, we had a nice rugged beat B7, with few peninsulas and bays. We started upwind, Michal was fishing close to the bank and I was fishing behind him with the intermediate line to catch fish from the distance, in 90 minutes we went through the whole peg and next we returned to the best places, and we finished with 21 fish which meant second victory in the sector and the first place of our team after the first day (2+1+1, 108 fish caught), and also the second place for me in the continuous individual ranking (2+1).

Second day we started in the lake in the beat B4 (on the way to the lake we saw nice dear and moose), I was fishing with Honza and we again gained the victory in the sector with 13 fish (I also caught nice white fish – Corregonus, in Czech is called “síh”, in Norwegian “sik” :-) . Next Honza and Michal caught 8 fish in relatively difficult place B1 which was enough for the second place in the sector, to be serious, it was impossible to beat Anita and Christian who were perfectly fishing in the beat B2. We moved to the river for the last round full of hopes, I was fishing with Michal in the beat A5, and the A4 was occupied by Nuno and Anita. It was strong fight till the very last minute of competition, and we lost battle only by 2 fish 32/30 :-) , but the second place in the sector was enough to win the team competition (2+1+1+1+2+2, 159 fish) and I gained the gold between the individuals (2+1+1+2, 61 fish) while Honza was second (3+1+3+1, 63 fish).

To summarise, I thing, that selection of flies was not too important. We had well balanced equipment, new Hanák Superb XP rods as well as older Superlight worked great. In the river, we used the rods size 3, and 0,12 mm flurocarbon HC, in the lake I used Sage Z-Axis size 5 for longer cats, and we used the 3-size rods for the fishing close to the banks, I used 0,16 and 0,14 mm fluorocarbon.  We did not use squirmies in the river, but smaller nymphs. In the lake, we had good tactic when we covered all fish both close to the bank and from the distance. The most important things both for the river and the lake were “keep tactic”  and  “move and move and move”. It is always the same, to win any competition, you have to fish well and also you have to have the big portion of luckiness :-)

Big thanks to Erik for inviting us to this friendly and well organised event, his passion for improvement of all the details is inspiring (I thing, that organisers of many fly fishing championships at the European and World level could learn a lot from him), and his new application for counting and presenting of results can bring new fresh air to the fly fishing competitions, also big thanks other people staying in the Telneset camp and attending the competition for creating the friendly atmosphere for all the week, simply  “tusen takk og vi får se neste år”!!!

Here you can find links to videos which was made during our trip by Michal.


Autumnal fly fishing workshop

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cnfw2018-25 After the return from Slovakia I had to a little work, and we were finishing preparation of our annual autumnal workshop. This year, we invited 16 participants from England, Belgium, Denmark and Germany, mostly our old good friends. We all met in Herbertov on Sunday evening, Karel shop was open, beer was cold, river looked great and weather forecast was promising,  so what more could we wish for? We started with the traditional Czech drink called Fernet stock made from secret herbs (in fact we call it “coffin varnish”) and with the introductory lesson. My team was composed by Ivan Vančura, member of the Czech fly fishing team and individual European champion from 2011, member of the gold Czech team in Euro 2018, Martin Musil jr., Youth World Champion and recent coach of the Czech Youth Fly Fishing Team, Jiří Pejchar, manager of the Czech Fly Fishing Team and me. Roman Heimlich had to go to Brussels because of work, and he joined us on Thursday morning.

cnfw2018-8 On Monday morning after breakfast we started with demonstration of nymphing technique, preparation of leaders, and fishing along to Penzion Herbertov, next we moved to Rožmberk to the “catch and release” section, which was stocked by decent rainbows one week ago. Fish were cooperating, so almost everybody caught a good fish, and after  lunch in the Hotel Růže we spread in the Vltava river under Rožmberk. In every pool was a rainbow, in ripples we caught some brown trout, brook trout and also some coarse fish, occasionally grayling. Mostly on nymphs, but I also got few fish on dry fly. Barry caught barbel, however, he caught barbel almost every day :-) In the evening we had firsts fly tying lesson in the new club.

cnfw2018-47 On Tuesday we sent two groups to Warm Vltava to check the activity of grayling and trout and they really enjoyed the day in the pure nature. Me and Ivan stayed in Vltava and we were fishing upstream from hotel. In the morning, the fishing was a little slow, but at about eleven o´clock we started catching nice browns. For lunch, I made sandwiches at the river bank and we moved to the trophy section in Vyšší Brod. There we get few decent rainbows and after the great coffee and cake in the Restaurant Inge we finished under the dam of the Lake Lipno II, where we found rainbow paradise :-)

cnfw2018-19 On Wednesday, two groups decided to fish again in Vyšší Brod under dam for big rainbows, and I took my group to the upper part of Devil stones. This day was not so successful, as water flowing from Lipno I to the Devil stones was relatively warm and green and activity of fish was nothing special, and moreover the discharge in the Vltava river from Vyšší Brod was increased to the 20 m3/s at about lunch time. We found, that owner of the big water power-plant in the dam of the lake Lipno I finished reconstruction of turbines after 3 years and they had to test them, so they released more water till Friday evening. It was nothing to do, but we still have reserve plans, and after lunch (meat loaf sandwiches :-) we moved more downstream, when the water was more clear. Two groups moved to fish the Malše river, which was in ideal condition.

cnfw2018-24 Thursday was the resting day, guys from England decided to visit Hanák Shop in České Budějovice and also Český Krumlov, the historical town under Unesco heritage, smaller group visited Malše river, and we also tried to fish upstream from Herbertov in the area between islands, which is fishable also in the higher flow, and everybody caught few nice browns. In the evening, Jiří prepared a surprise, he bought sausages and we roasted them on the camp fire, which is Czech tradition.  Ben made Karel´s day as he bought a lot of tungsten beads in shop :-)

cnfw2018-67 On Friday the weather was cold and rainy, so we decided to go to Warm Vltava in Šumava Mountains, after the exhausting journey through the pineapple jungle we reached river which looked great, and we caught many coarse fish, few nice graylings and browns, Ben caught decent pike on roach hooked on nymph :-) and  forest was full of boletus. In the evening we had small closing party, and we were preparing for the Rožmberský fly fishing cup, which was held on Saturday under Rožmberk.  The preparation was probably too intensive so nobody from our team was on the podium, so hopefully next time :-)

Also thanks to the exemplary care from the hotel staff, we really enjoyed this week, my team did, in my opinion, its best, and we hosted great company of friendly and enthusiastic people. We are looking forward to the September 2019.


CzechFlyFish trip to Slovakia finished by the victory in the prestigious Big River Race

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big-rive-race My friends from company Thymallus, the partner of Hanák Competition in Slovakia, had invited me to visit the famous River Váh which they manage and to attend their competition Big River Race, the biggest fly fishing competition in Slovakia, which is based on the same rules as our Hanák Open. The competition is for teams by three fishermen, it has three rounds and everybody fish twice and in the third session, he is judging another team.

I offered to my mates from the team CzechFlyFish Patrik and Honza to go to Slovakia this summer, and to try fishing in the River Váh and also to see how this competition looks like. We did not awaited a good result, it is very prestigious competition with almost all good competitors from Slovakia, teams from Poland and Hungary and about 6 good teams from the Czech Republic. Moreover, we had never been there and although Honza and Patrik are good fishermen, they have limited experience from competitions. On the way Patrik made a bet: “If we finish till the 15 place, I will pay steak in the well known Steak House in Vrůtky on the way home” :-)

We arrived to Rožmberok on Wednesday afternoon and Jano was waiting for us in the shop with fishing licences and basic info, and we were running to the water to the “catch and release” section downstream from Ivachnova. Discharge was relatively low, water was clear, weather was nice. I decided to try streamer, but except of few perch, I had no take. Later in the afternoon, I saw some rising fish, so I moved for dry fly, I got one grayling, one rainbow of about 40 cm and I lost one bigger, but I have to say, that about 10 big rising fish had absolutely no interest in my flies (later my friends from Slovakia told me, that because of high fishing pressure, it is necessary to use tipped 0,10 mm). Patrik and Honza were nymphing and caught about 10 fish, both browns, grayling and rainbows.

The second day we were practising further upstream in Ivachnova around an island, beautiful place, and we tried nypmhing, dry fly and also dry-dropper. We caught about 20 fish between us, Honza hooked 8 big rainbows but landed only 2, 0,14 mm tipped was not strong enough …. Although we caught not so many fish and competition is influenced by fish stocked on Friday, this practice was very useful for us. We explored the river, how was wading, we found, that fish preferred very small flies in size 18 – 20, and we found, that there was a  hatch of olives whole day around.  In the evening, we were talking with other teams and we found, that we were not too bad, their experience was similar. It was good for our self-confidence.

On Friday, the competition river was too busy and we needed some rest in the pure nature, so we decided to visit smaller mountain river Bělá for a short session. River was beautiful, we caught many nice fish, surprisingly, brown trout was in parts with slow current and in the fast water we caught nice graylings. We caught also few rainbows and brook trout. As there are bears in the mountains, we were still watching forest around the river, and even though we did not meet one, we had to wash our underpants in the evening :-) In the evening we attended opening ceremony and draw and we were preparing our equipment and tying some flies..

In the first session, I was fishing with Patrik, we had nice pool, so I was fishing first with streamer and Patrik was cleaning water behind me with nymphs. We were lucky, that our judge was Tomáš Starýchfojtů, and he helped us with very useful tips as he knew the peg. We went through the whole peg twice, after 30 minutes I also took nymph, we were systematically filtering the water and catching fish after fish, and finally, after “good performance in a good place” we won the session with 28 fish, half browns and half rainbows. What a good start of the competition. I was fishing with Sage Z-Axis size 8 and 0,24 mm tipped for streamer, Sage Z-Axis size 5 and  0,14 mm tipped for heavy nymph, and Hanák Superlight size 3 and tipped 0,10 mm for light nymphing. I lost only one fish, same Patrik.

In the afternoon, Patrik and Honza had another good peg, Honza was running for chub to opposite bank and Patrik was nymphing in ripples, and 20 fish was enough to win the second session. After two sessions, we had total placings of 2, and another three teams had 4, so the calculation was simple, if we finish up to 2nd place in the last session, we will win.

In the last session, we were fishing in the hardest sector A. Our peg was not ideal according to results from the previous rounds, Czech youths caught there 8 fish in the first session and next a Slovakian team only 2. At the river, we were welcomed by heavy rain. Our peg was very shallow, but we found several suitable places, and along the whole opposite bank was a promising gutter. We decided to fish bottom up with nymphs and soften our equipment, so I was fishing Superlight rod size 2 and 0,10 mm tipped. Honza was fishing first with a little stronger gear and I was cleaning rest behind him. First brownie I caught after 2 minutes and after about 20 minutes we had 4 fish in the scoring card. At this time, I started to believe to the success as our methods and hands were working well and we still had a lot of time. Finally we both caught 9 fish, including nice brown and few strong rainbows, and won the third session with 18 fish and all competition with total placing 3 and total catch of 66 fish :-) . To summarise, we were lucky on the draw and we were fishing well.

Competition was well organised, we won great prices, hotel was comfortable, staff helpful, food good, people friendly, weather horrible, simply great trip :-) .

The competition is connected with recovering of fish stock in the River Váh, they found great partners, and they use money from competition fee for stocking of fish, not only rainbows, but also pristine brown trout, grayling and the big Danube salmon. This is great approach. The River Váh is great and hosts nice fish including real monsters and it is definitely worth to visit despite of the industrial surroundings, we are definitely coming again next year.

Vltava 27 with Dan and Michal

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During summer, I prefer for fishing Vltava 27 to Vltava 28, there is less canoes in the morning, and also fish stock is more variable. You can catch brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, perch, roach, chub, dace …  I visited this water few times, and also with friends.
Dan Svrček, former member of the Czech Team, always comes with family for one week holiday in the end of summer, and we always go together in the morning to Vltava 27.
And Michal Rypl will join our team for the Erik Eikre Invitational competition in October, so we had the first practice :-)
Michal made a nice video from those morning session :-)

Zander fishing and windsurfing in Lipno

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lipno-candat In the summer, I fish in Lipno lake for zander, sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend, sometimes with “gumi”, sometimes with life bait. I´m presenting few pictures from the last summer :-)

And if there is windy, I focus on windsurfing :-)

Vltava 29 P with Kristof

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p1350961 Kristof, my Belgian friend, who regularly attends our workshops, spent a week with family at Lipno lake during summer and we were fishing Vltava 29 under the dam one morning. We chose this water as there was very hot and in the main river, there was a lot of canoeists. In the morning, we were fishing nymphs, but fishing was slow, later we tried dry flies and it was the key for nice catches. I had to leave at lunch time, but Kristof returned in the evening and he reported me, that evening hatch was great.

Květoňov Lake after the European Championship with David

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kvetonov The fishing in the Květoňov lake was the biggest disappointment in the Championship, water had been relatively warm and a heavy rain had brought nutrients to the upper layer of the lake just before the Championship, which triggered growth of algae, so the water was like pea soup during the competition and fishing was nothing special, mainly from bank. But after the championship, the water cooled down and fish became more active, so I visited lake with David. We had about 50 fish in the boat during evening session, including 7 fish over 50 cm ….

First four pictures are from championship, last four from our visit :-)

Practice with team Spain before Euro

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p1340675 Daniel asked me to help his team during practice before championship. They don´t need to learn fishing, but local information and some tips for tactics were hopefully useful, we very enjoyed this few days, which were for me the last relax before the madness, and they gained bronze medal :-) It was great experience for me to see them, how hard were they practising, how they were cooperating. The only problem was to get for them T-shirts in a children size :-)

South Bohemia Fly Fishing champiosnhip

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p1340618 Last Sunday we organised annual South Bohemian Fly Fishing championship, under the very exciting name of the competition, it is hidden very friendly but very prestigious competition between anglers from four local fly fishing clubs. This year, we hosted 18 competitors, and I gained silver medal :-)

p1340614 I very much appreciate success in this competition as it took part in my favourite Vltava river and we have great rivalry among us.

And what was the best method? Nymphing with two jig flies (size 16, tipped 0,10 mm, 2 size rod), and dry fly.  It was caught 389 fish in total, most abundant were brown trout (150), chub (72) grayling (59) dace (58) and roach (41), it was caught also rainbow trout (2), brook trout (1), perch (3) and gudgeon (3). We had size limit 15 cm, but I guess that 60 % of fish was longer than 20 cm.

Große Mühl

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p1340517 I was invited by a group of Austrian fly-fishermen to make a small workshop at their club water Große Mühl close to Aigen. They would like to see current Czech style of nymphing and other fly-fishing techniques and also a little talk about the management of the water. Bernd, my host, asked me to show different fly – fishing techniques, and he also took me to different places in this beautiful piece of water to show how to fish under different conditions, in ripples, pools etc.

Manuel and Nicholas, another two Bernd´s friends attending the workshop, were waiting for us at the river. We started with a short lecture and presentation of suitable equipment, construction of leaders and selection of flies, for this size of river I recommended a 3-size rod of 9 feet. I chose my Sage SLT, the Bentley between rod limousines :-) I also presented fishing and luckily I caught few fish :-) In the early morning, the fish were not too active, but a little movement with nymphs was the right trigger for takes.  It gradually improved, and we caught a lot of fish. Manu tried also my rod to see effect of well balanced equipment. He is about to buy a new rod :-)

Morning session ran away quickly and we moved for a local beer and starter to the famous Mackerel Grill grill, and next for schnitzel, of course. After the great lunch I could not move, but the fishing had been so good, so we got up from tables and moved to the upper part of the fishery. Under a bridge on the confluence of the channel from power plant and another small inflow, I had opportunity to present devastating effect of the of well balanced equipment and team of two 18-size nymphs :-) I noticed the significant improvement in the fishing of all the three guys, small changes in construction of leaders, technique and also in reading of water and made big difference !!! And practice, practice, practice!!! And move, move and move :-)

Nik and Manu had to leave at about 5 pm, and Bernd next took me to the uppermost part of the fishery, to the big pool above a weir. I have to say that the last hour of fishing was simply amassing, trout started to rise and used team of wet flies and it was simply devastating. Oh.

I would like to pay a little attention to the management. Bernd told me, that they cooperate with BOKU Viena and a Norwey univeristy, and they got simply advice: not to stock anything, only protect wild fish and let them naturally reproduce, and in suitable places improve habitats for fish by putting of structures, e.g. big boulders and death wood. AND IT DEFINITELY WORKS!!!  I caught several tens of brown trout in the size from of 10 cm till 35 cm, all in great condition. BEST MANAGEMENT’, NO MANAGEMENT!!!

I hope that guys enjoyed the day at least like me and I´m looking forward to the next visit when we will more concentrate also on the local grayling. And in September, we will make another small workshop.